A Ricci New Year

Happy new year my dear readers!

I’m so glad we all made it and we are kicking off this year in a bang! I have begun this year in a mood of reflection. 2017 was an amazing year and I’m thankful for all God has done in my life, my business and every area of my life

I was going through my Happy new year post from 2017 and I couldn’t help but check with my new years resolutions and wondered if I achieved all of them. Lets take it back a little bit shall we?

Here is a list of ten items I made in that post.New Year Resolution

1. Mind my own business.

Well, I sure did that. It was all about my growth and bettering myself. I ignored the haters so hard even they began to doubt their existence and it really helped me achieve things quicker and easier.

2. Get Rich or Die trying

Welp! I ain’t rich (yet) but I ain’t dead either.

3. Get that skin popping

Oh boy! Someone please remind me not to ever add this to my new years resolution next time. It wasn’t a funny battle wiith acne this year but guess what… the power of the tongue still rules. I might not have had the best skin this year but did I learn a lot or what? And guess who’s still coming out with clear skin? You got that right….Still won.

4. Stay Positive.

I did.. I really did.

5. Serve God with all my heart

I tried to… but lets just say 2018 is gonna be a different story.

6. Post more often

That was a total challenge in the first half of this year. But as God will have it, I came with a bang in the second half. Brace yourselves cuz this is just the beginning.

7. Improve my skills as a professional

And I meant this regarding all my professions. I became a better physiotherapist attended workshops and improved my clinical skills during my internship. I attended masterclasses and beauty forums, improved my art as a makeup artist, got a space for my pop up makeup studio and got a larger client base and incorporated my business. God has been more than faithful.

8. Network

This I actually did. I met loads of people from different walks of life. LinkedIn page even got more popping. I would say this past year, I was the friendliest I’ve ever been. I learned the true art of connecting with people and the power of relationships. I dont plan on slowing down 2018.

9. Keep my Circle small

Oh yes, my circle was tight mainly consisting of two or 3 people at a time. Quality, not quantity, people!

10. Living a healthy lifestyle

If a graph is to be drawn on my well-being and fitness its gonna be distorted AF. I made some smoothies, did some yoga, drank fair amounts of water, did detoxes here and there. But all I know is I’m crossing over with a big belly and below par cardio fitness. I don’t know how that happened y’all. Fitfam 2018 loading.. but first let me go and eat poundo and Aunty Toyo’s…Loool.

Looking at this list actually makes me feel less of a waste than I do right now, I actually thought I did a lot worse. But you wanna know something, I’m not gonna spend this year patting myself on the back and being linient with myself. 2017 was a year of great achievements but I feel as dissatisfied as ever. I’m not going to stop pushing until I’m truly proud of myself and my achievements. I’m not going to be sharing any resolutions this year. It’s pretty easy to locate what needs to be worked on from my response to that list. I will focus on that and being more goal oriented and less distracted.

The new year is yours people! Take charge and make it count! Don’t let nobody tell you different. All that you want is just a wish away.  If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Work it!Happy New Year 2018

Have a blissful 2018 everyone! God bless!

You know im awesome.. xoxo.


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  1. Nice oyinda i really did keep my circle small it saved me all the gossip and all am sure people were saying stuff aboutme based on past history

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