Beach Outfit Must Haves

Hello guys! I’m back again with the beach series movement.

Today we are going to look at those items that when included in the wardrobe would being about the best in your beach fashion.

More often than not, what to wear to the beach is always a major problem for ladies, this won’t be a problem if you pick out these items when next you go wardrobe shopping. All that would be left to worry about is the styling.

1. Shorts
There’s no telling that this is a go to for a day out at the beach. Even on days when they are not my main outfit of the day I always like to have a pair in my beach bag just in case. Sometimes I just wear a pair underneath my clothes especially those dresses that go up anytime there’s breeze lol. They serve as loyal bikini bottoms for those gyals who are a bit shy to hang out their behinds. When it comes to beach activities, transferring from canoes and boats, playing in the sand, these ensure you are well kitted up.
They can be paired with tshirts, croptops, slit long tops and so on.

2. Sundresses
Hello! What’s a beach day without a sundress? This is probably the most universal look for a picnic day at the beach. There are so many designs and patterns that make your beach photos come out more elegantly. If you wanna show less skin without looking out of place, this is your jam. Pair it with a beach hat or hair garland and watch yourself transform into a “Coney Island Queen”.

3. Playsuits/ Rompers
This just channels major cuteness. A floral playsuit works perfectly well for a day out at the beach! This is great for a day you don’t want to stress yourself to plan an outfit. I have different colors and designs that make it easy to get moving on pop up beach days.

4. Kimonos
These are absolute must haves. They serve as beautiful bikini cover ups and give your outfit that stylish touch. They can be the regular sizes u can wear on your jeans on a day out at the mall or the elaborate long, extra ones, pajama set kimonos, printed, see through, plain, silk, cotton, whatever works for you darling.

5. Sandals/ Flip-Flops
Whether they are gladiators or regular sandals, these are the perfect footwear for the beach. They give off a stylish yet not too serious vibe to your outfit. Jellies are the best bet as they are waterproof so you dont have to worry about ruining your shoes if the water hits. Flip-Flops on the other hand are very easy to take off, you can hold them in your hands and they are pretty much in many cool designs u might not see in your regular shoes.

Rocking them Gladiators

6. Short dresses
This is a wide range of dresses of different cuts and styles. It could range from fitted, skater dresses to shift dresses. These are my favorite on a day out on the beach. Everyone knows I rock countless shift dresses and lil dresses because they are just so comfy and stress free, very straight to the point. Plus I can feel the water on my legs, the sand and the sun. I also get to flaunt those legs 😉

7. Crop tops.
These go perfectly on top of a bikini. It gives that carefree casual look to your beach style. Either free styles or fitted ones go just wonderfully on a pair of shorts, a skirt or leggings. Look on the bright side, the beach is one place u can rock short bottoms along with crop tops without looking “trashy” .

8. Bikini cover ups
Whether or not I’m up for a swim, wearing bikini cover ups just do it for me. Mesh tops, scarfs, see through gowns and skirts do the job perfectly. Most of what I use as bikini cover ups were not actually made for that purpose or bought along with a matching bikini. It’s all about creativity.

Bikini Cover-up Designed by Leemerhstyling

9. Flowing Skirts
When you think of these you think about breeze. The skirt is just a skirt until the breeze makes it a flowing skirt and guess what the beach has a lot of? Sea breeze! That’s right.. these are major beach fashion clothing you won’t regret having. You can get sexy by rocking extreme slits and Caribbean designs. Whatever flows your skirt b!

10. Prints
Last but not least, print shirts, dresses and so on are major in beach fashion. These give you that instant Caribbean, Hawaiian, gypsy look without having to accessorize so much. I always try to include prints whether its floral, aztec or tribal, vintage and even African prints. You realize that old Ankara or Kente lying in your wardrobe can come alive on the beach? Get creative today my people!

If you can have one or two of each of these items in your wardrobe there is no stopping your beach slay! Share what your go to looks for the beach are in the comment section. Do share this article with friends and family that might need a beach guide. Don’t forget to subscribe so u never miss a post!


You know I’m awesome, xoxo



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