BEACH SERIES- Beach Day Starter Pack


Everyone who knows me knows I just loveeee the beach. It is just so blissful there and it’s like I’m always in my element when I’m by the water

It’s no surprise though being that I am an Aquarian and you know, we do it in the water.


Anyways, I got inspired to do a beach series since I get a lot of questions about my outfits, makeup, location and so on.

Today, we are gonna get an inside look to the essentials I can’t leave out for a day out at the beach..



My skin is very important to me guys, you know. I dont leave my house without sunscreen on let alone the beach! If I’m wearing makeup, I love to use a foundation that contains SPF to go with it. Don’t forget to show your arms, legs and other exposed areas some love.


You know how it goes, you can’t be throwing shade unless its sunny bih. Apart from the sun, the shades also protect your eyes from the harsh sea breeze especially if you gotta ride in a boat. And let’s not forget the fashion aspect of it. I mean, common, you would want to have that complete beach look uno.



I usually don’t swim when I go to the beach even if there’s a pool there (original black woman here). However, I wouldn’t want to pass on an opportunity to show off that banging body now would I? I always carry my swim suit and cover up even an extra pair just in case.


My friends already know me, my beach bag is always full and they make fun of me for it. My dear ones, if you want to get that beach slay on, accessories are major keys. I like to go in the lines of costume. Stacks of bangles, Arm-cuffs, hair garlands and chains, waist chain, body harnesses.. anything that gives that boho chick vibe ya know.

What is sun without the glow? I always take this seriously in my beach set up. My go to it Gleam by Melanie Mills body radiance. This is a face and body illuminator so it is perfect for the beach. I always apply on my face as a moisturizer before using foundation or i mix it with the foundation. I take some along with me in a small plastic bag to apply on my body once i change into my swimsuit.

Yass glow!


Just imagine this scenario, you finally get the accesories, swimsuit, shades on and highlight popping right then you look down and your skin look ashy.. nah sis.. always take some oil with you. I dont use too much I simply take a few drops and massage into my skin. Especially the feet and elbows. My go to is my sweet almond oil from Now Foods. Its light weight and non-comedogenic.

The body oil I use


Yes hunnay, you are going need that fully charged power bank all the way to keep your phone on and those selfies popping. Snapchat cannot miss out on the slay. And really though, think about it, is the beach really somewhere you want to sit around with your phone attached to a socket? 

Power banks ensure you can move around and have fun and I love to move around and have fun 🙂



That’s it guys, 7 things I cant go to the beach without. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly subscribe down here so you don’t miss any of my posts. This beach series is about to be lit. Do drop comments and share..

You know I’m awesome, xoxo



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