BEACH SERIES- Top 10 beach day Accessories

Hello guys! I’m sure you all have missed the beach series. We’ve been talking about fashion and today I’m going to be going into top accessories that bring out the best in your beach look.

Honeyricci beach look
A well accessorized beach look

From my first post about my Beach Day Starter Pack it was clearly stated how accesories are a must have for me on a beach day out. But what accessories are these? Which accessories give your beach look a whole new twist? I would be sharing some of my favorites.

1. Costume earings
These are awesome because even if you decide not to use any accessories except them, they instantly light up your beach look.

Beach fashion honeyricci
Look how the earrings popped the look
Costume earrings for beach
Yass earrings!!

2. Hair garlands and Jewelry
Hair garlands came back into vogue 3-4 years ago and has stayed ever since. I also appreciate the lovely hair chains and jewelry that transform you into that Arabian princess. It’s always been a beautiful accessory that gives off that tropical vibe. And what’s a beach party if it isn’t in the tropics?Tropical beach look

3. Costume beads and necklaces
These are major! I am not always on necklaces but i do know of their importance and love to try wearing them for beach outings once in a while. 

4. Body Harnesses
These are beautiful accessories that can easily be overlooked, but not for me! I definitely love these on top of swimwear. They can instantly amp up your bikini look.

5. Waist chains/ beads.
Even if you are not a waist bead kind of girl like me, uno, the kind that always got one on underneath her clothes. I would say it isn’t a bad idea to get a fancy waist chain or bead you can use to accessorize your beach wear whenever beach day comes along.

6. Beach hats
When you think about the beach, a hat almost always would come to mind. It’s only fair it is added to the list. This is a top beach accessory that instantly puts you in the mood no matter what you are wearing. It also protects you from the sun. Furthermore, the hats and shades rule don’t come to play here, you know, that thing they say you gotta choose between putting on a hat or wearing shades. I personally think you can get away with both on the beach.Beach hat

7. Shades!
How could I even forget shades? Yes I know I’ve discussed them in my previous posts in the series but no denying, they are accessories after all. Shades come in different shapes, sizes and colors. I never go out without them. I could own up to 10shades at a time and just throw one on every day. I LOVE shades!Shades boat cruise

8. Bangles and arm cuffs
Bangles can’t be exempted from this list! I’ve always been a lover of bangles and the beach is the perfect place to over indulge myself and rock endless stacks. If you are into arm cuffs also you would know finding the right time to rock them could an issue. Being on the beach is the perfect time to show off those armcuffs. They make you swim wear look even more banging. Getting bangles with tribal or costume designs do the best to compliment your outfit.Jackie aina beach outfit

9. Cross-body Bags or Mini Bags
People might not exactly think about mini bags when they think about the beach. But I always love to include them as a major accessory. While the beach bag is a constant, moving around on the beach with those huge bags can be such a drag. Get your fashion game up by taking along a small cross body bag or mini tote to keep your essentials in. Thinking along the lines of fringed designs, prints, colors are a good place to start.

Honeyricci beach series
Look how the red cross body bag popped up the monochrome look

10. Arm candy or hunk

Last but not least this is an essential beach accessory for every hottie! What complements your beach look better than a sexy guy by your side? Who else agrees with me?BeachBeach accessories


That’s all for my top beach accessories guys. What are yours? Let me know what you think in the comment box. Don’t forget to share and subscribe so you never miss a post!

You know I’m awesome.. xoxo

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