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Hello guys, today I’m going to be sharing details of a mini bridal shoot I did a few days ago. The photography was by me and I called up my favourite bridal hairstylist, Yetunde Salvador to collaborate with me and she took the liberty of coming along with some bridal accessories by a designer called SA collections.

This was something I planned on a whim, I’ve been doing series of shoots lately on my friends at home and I thought I should do something a little extra and more creative so I did what we were made to do.. get help! Two heads are better than one you know.

Anyways, about a week ago I called up yetunde and told her about my plan and like a boyscout she was ever ready (I love her energy and passion for her work) the bridal hair and accessories just made the look super stunning and professional.

I tried my best to get a bridal outfit vendor on board but the notice was way too short and the drama with adjusting dresses to fit the model is quite a drag. the one lady that really engaged me couldn’t deliver unless we did it a day later. I thanked her for her time and decided to use her soonest for a more professional shoot. Since it was just my amateur self shooting this, I figured we shouldn’t stress so much. I decided to use my sister’s dress robe she used for her wedding.


Finding a model for this look was another issue as this wasn’t a paid shoot. The hairstylist needed to have someone who already had the appropriate weave installed so she just has to style it and save time and trouble. I also couldn’t get anyone to loosen their hair and make another for this because it’s not like I was paying anyone and I wouldn’t want to impose or inconvenience them. About two days to the shoot, I hit up my soul sister (yes, literally) Halima and asked her if she was willing to install a long weave and come for the shoot she accepted without hesitation. She is such a sweetheart and a free spirit. I wondered why I was looking all over the place before (I always do this smh).


Anyways, Sunday came and somehow the shoot turned out super great and I was able to navigate between cooking sunday jollof rice and creating this awesome bridal look.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of the makeup, shall we?



This was the main focus of the look. I wasn’t going to do a bridal shoot right about now and not show my newly acquired glitter eyeshadow skill. I know it wasn’t a trad look but I figured, this basic ass nude bridal glam is so old. I decided to spice things up with this beautiful pink glitter eyeshadow look. For the first time I did eye shadow before brows and skin.



Brows: Yanga Beauty Browlutions

Eyeshadow: Nuban Beauty High Intensity Shadow, milani quad shadow in dream baby.

I used 1 and two as a transition color and 3 and 4 to deepen the crease. 5 in the outer corner of the lid and 6 at the center of the lid
The milani eyeshadow I used. The marked color was use in the inner corner

Glitter: I mixed a random pink glitter from an artshop with Bennye sparklers in silver and Uberchicville glitter in pearl. I used a mixture of the silver and pink for the inner part of the eye, pink and pearl in the middle and pink alone at the outer area. This gave that subtle ombre transition.

Eyeliner: WetnWild megaline liquid eyeliner

Lashes: Pearl luxury Lashes in Bombshell

Lips: I first outlined her lips with a dark concealer (La girl pro concealer in Dark cocoa) then applied NYX soft matte lipcream in London then topped with my fave new gloss PoutbyM lipgloss in “Lust”.

The lipgloss I used




I prepped her skin with my usual Palmers cocoa butter moisturizer then I used Nivea men post shave balm as a primer after which i hydrated her face with my rosewater mixture. This was actually wrong for her skin cuz it started flaking once I applied the foundation and I was freaking out but it got better after some blending and application of other products. She has lots of large pores and acne I should have know to use a smoothing matte primer like No7 instead. Everybody makes mistakes I guess.


Foundation: I made use of the contour and highlighting method. I used a mixture of Marykay Medium coverage foundation in 607 and Maybelline Matte Poreless Foundation in Toffee which is her normal shade in the perimeters of her face to contour then I used her shade alone on every other part of her face.

Contour and highlight: 

To further highlight her face, I used La girl pro concealer in Medium beige and set the whole face with the Zaron face palette then baked with bennye banana powder . Sleek contour kit to contour and the balm cosmetics cindy lou manizer for a soft glow.

The Zaron face palette i used to set her face. 1and 2 to highlight, 3 for contour
For the soft glow

I absolutely enjoyed every bit of creating this look. The was Leemerh came alive during and after the makeup was a sight to behold!


The hair was to die for! Yetunde is one slayer and perfectionist hairstylist I know

Final details for the look:

HAIR: Hair by Salvador

MAKEUP: Makeupricci

ACCESORIES: Sacollectionz

MODEL: Halima



That is all for the look guys! Watch the video to see a step by step transformation and summary of how I created the look! Thanks for reading! God bless you all.


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You know I’m awesome, xoxo.

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