Honey Ricci Beauty Product Line

Honey Ricci products

Hello guys! Today I would be presenting to you my first set of skin and hair products.   Honey Ricci products are homemade formulations designed to be skincare adjuncts, luxury products and boosters that make all the difference in your skincare routine. This is a no nonsense skin and hair line aimed at making you […]

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Hello guys, so yesterday the trending topic on my Twitter was about the menstrual cycle. Ladies shared their experiences during their menstrual flow, before and after, embarrassing moments and so on. It wasn’t long before the discussion deviated to different myths about childbirth, pregnancy and even vagina taste. Girls shared many old wife’s remedies on how they […]

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DIY Lemon Sea Salt Scrub

Hello guys, so i would be sharing my very first DIY recipe on the blog today which is the Lemon Sea Salt Scrub. But firstly, lets do a little background on the whole concept of using body scrubs. Scrubs are used to exfoiliate the skin, and by exfoliate I means to get rid of dead […]

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