DIY Tumeric Face Scrub

Hello guys! It’s diy time. I want to share with you today a perfect face exfoliator you can make at home that helps smooth skin, treat blemishes and fade scars!

Over time, because of my problem skin, I’ve been going into DIY solutions to get to the route of my skin problems. I figured out a year or two ago that over the counter face scrubs just never cut it for me. I always end up with rashes or break outs. This baby right here doesn’t irritate my skin and isn’t abrasive at all. Regular use would eventually minimize blemishes and keep the skin soft and radiant.Honey Ricci tumeric diy scrub


Like every scrub this consists of the exfoliant, Liquid and add-ins

The major exfoliation in this is Tumeric powder. The finely ground powder ensures minimal abrasion and is great for people with active acne. Tumeric is rich in antioxidants and is able to control oily skin which in turn minimizes the rate at which you break out. It isn’t a sole cure for break outs but it does help in reducing the occurrence of blemishes.


Liquid:Honey DIY

The major Liquid component I use in this scrub is honey. Honey is a great humectant and is enriched with so many antioxidants. It is a natural cure for wounds and acne due to its anti bacterial properties. As a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, it improves the appearance of the skin and makes it glow. Honey is never irritating, doesn’t dry you out and is mild which makes this a great option for all skin types.

Lemon juice:Lemon diy face scrub

I always add lemon juice as a liquid element in the scrub. Lemon is a natural skin lightener which makes it great for people with dark spots. It is also a natural antibacterial cleanser which is needed for killing acne bacteria and others.

Add ins:

Green tea:Green tea for face

Green tea can be also be added. It is also a rich antioxidant properties due to it’s rich supply of catechins which have been proven to prevent skin cancer. It also helps cure skin inflammation which makes it a great add-in for blemished skin.

This is the brand I use. It’s great for drinking too

Essential oils:

Essential oils diy scrub
Now foods have a great range of essential oils

The use of essential oils in skincare have been around for quite a while. This is optional but adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils that are skin friendly could boost your face scrub and make it smell nice while providing nourishment to the skin. Some of the ones I use include tea tree oil (great for acne/oily skin), lemon oil or frankincense essential oils

Aloe vera gel:Aloe vera DIY

Aloe vera gel is a great addition when the skin is inflamed. Aloe vera is known to soothe sunburn, pimples and redness this is due to its rich supply of Auxins and Gibberellins. It is anti inflammatory and is used in conditions suh as psoriasis, eczema and acne. I love to add in to this face scrub to keep break outs at bay.


Step 1: Get a clean 100ml container and mix equal parts of honey and tumeric powder and mix until it forms a smooth paste
Step 2: Add freshly squeezed lemon juice from half a lemon or two tbsp
Mix properly and make sure u don’t have any lemon seeds in there
Step 3: Add 1tbsp of aloe gel and mix again by now it should be more of a semi solid mixture
Step 4: You can then add any other add-in such as essential oil drops, cinnamon powder, yoghurt or green tea

DIY tumeric face Scrub
This is what the finished product should look like

Your face scrub is ready!

My face always feels instantly smooth and bright any day I use this.


Use 3-4 times a week before bathing though I only end up using it twice. I have lots of products to keep up with. It should be used preferably at night.
1. Apply to dry or damp skin and rub it in in circular motions for about 1-2 mins.
2. Leave on for 10-30mins
3. When rinsing off apply water slowly and use to scrub face until everything is out
4. Wash off residue with soap/ face cleanser and continue with regular skin care routine.
Beware of tumeric staining though. Make sure your hands are clean before u touch anything.



Before and after tumeric scrub honey ricci
My face after rinsing off the scrub and washing my face

While there are obvious instant brightening results there are also many benefits of long term use. Like I said earlier, it’s not to be seen as a sole cure for acne, hyperpigmentation or other skin issues. It’ll was really helpful while I was on acne medication and during the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation stage. While treating the skin with harsh chemicals and drugs. This is an all in one maintenance go-to as, of course, one couldn’t go into any serious facials, face washing or scrubbing. As such, I would strongly recommend this no matter what ur skin is going through.

That is is guys, I hope you all learned a thing or two. You can never go wrong with this face exfoliant. Try it out and tell me how it goes.  Watch out for more DIYS.

You know I’m awesome, xoxo

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