Halloween shoot with Ibitoye Olajide

Happy Halloween guys! Although this isn’t particularly a Nigerian holiday, we can all say it has had a lot of recognition in the past few years and this year isn’t any different. In popular culture, halloween is just another opportunity for more parties, shows and social media activity. It is also a wonderful time for makeup artists to show their creativity. Since I began this makeup journey I have absolutely longed for the day I get to do Halloween looks but I never got around doing them so I made sure that this year would be different. I for one have love for dramatic, editorial looks because I hate rules and love self expression. Doing avant garde makeup is somewhere I don’t have to be too careful and just do what’s on my mind and it’s all part of the art. I decided to have a collaboration with Ibitoye Olajide for an explosive Halloween shoot and my wasn’t it lovely?
Here are some of the pictures of the looks I created.img_3497

The shoot took place at Palmgrove Lagos. It was an outdoor shoot along the express and it was evening time for that added mysterious vibe needed for Halloween.  I made up three models including a guy and it was super fun.

Model: Catherine Bashua-Alimi Instagram: @theclacaesey
Model: James Instagram: @oluwafemior
Model: Ayeesha Instagram: @copy_khat


Meet Ayeesha. I only met her on the day of the shoot and she’s really calm and cooperative. This look was something I was absolutely obsessing over when I watched a snapchat tutorial of a similar look on one of the daily Makeup for melanin girls snapchat takeover. The makeup artiste was Haylee Anise. This was just one of those looks that gives you a wave of satisfaction and you just pat yourself on the back that you did it!


img_3503Meet Catherine the cat. She’s one of my favourite muses who brings out the best of any character I create with her face. This look was a mash up inspired by Makeupshayla and J makeup. A cat look was definitely on my top list for a Halloween look. img_3965

Meet James aka Femi. This was my absolute favorite of the day as it was the most original. I dare say this was the showstopper. I had no idea what I was going to do on his face until he was sitting in front of me, brush in hand. I picked up my flash palette, body paint and just started creating, not knowing what was next and this was the result. An original piece of my imagination.img_3963

All photographs were shot by the delectable Ibitoye Olajide. I love his passion and work ethic. I would definitely be doing more collaborations with him in the nearest future. Check out his website here and Instagram @ibitoyeolajidephotography

Follow my Instagram makeup page for more details on the looks and behind the scenes @makeupricci

Thanks for reading guys. Do drop comments on what you think about the looks and which is your favorite.

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.


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