Honey Ricci Beauty Product Launch

Happy New year dear readers and a belated happy birthday to me!

Usually I would make a post about the new year resolutions, how I spent my birthday and so on as in the previous year, however, this year, I’m all about action and business.

2019 will be great for us all and I am super excited about this year’s birthday which I have decided to launch some products I’ve been working on over the past few months.

I present to you three new additions to the  Honey Ricci product family!!!

Honey Ricci Clarifying Body Oil

Honey Ricci Nourishing Herbal Face Oil

Honey Ricci Brightening Body Mask

They are purely natural products hand made with love.

I’m quite invested in this particular set of products because, unlike the first set, it was a new adventure and challenge for me. I had been using the previous ones over the years and making them was almost a piece of cake for me.

After the launch of the first set, I decided to further my knowledge on Organic Skincare formulation and took an online class. I got brilliant ideas on how to get the best out of your organic formulations and standardize them so I modified the existing products and began to brood over what to do next. There’s been a lot of trials and product testing, expenses and lots of love that went into these products.

honey ricci beauty product line
The Complete Honey Ricci Product Range

I have been using all of them for months, tested it on several people and I’m finally comfortable with them and love the effect on my skin both short term and long term. With that in place, I would like to tell you more about each of them.


This is a blend of carrier oils and essential oils formulated as a body oil. It is made from purely natural Shea Nut Oil. It contains plant extracts that help to brighten the skin and fade scars and marks.  It gives you that natural glow in your skin shade and doesn’t bleach the skin.

Ingredients:Honey RICCI body oil

Shea Nut Oil, Olive Oil, Hibiscus Extract, Saffron, Carrot Seed Essential oil and citrus blend of essential oils.

I chose the ingredients because they are specifically brightening and skin clearing. It gives your skin that natural glow without having to worry about chemicals.

Consistency and formula

It has a light to medium  rich consistency without being greasy and it absorbs quickly into the skin. It has a faint sweet citrus scent from the essential oil blend. It is fragrance free and made purely from natural ingredients. It is quite moisturizing and does great for all skin types.

Usage: It can be used all over the body once or twice a day after cleansing the skin, preferably while it is damp. It is not to be used on the face. Personally I use this as a night oil and use a lotion during the day.

Results: The first thing I noticed was the reduction in some stretchmarks I had acquired on my hips.stretchmarks fade nigeriia

Shea nut oil has been shown to be effective in several skin conditions and stretchmarks are not left out. It also visibly brightened my skin because I actually came up with this formulation at a point where I noticed some dullness in my skin.

Left: before use
right: after a week of use

Within a week of use, there was a visible glow and over the past few months, my skin only got better.

Glowing skin melanin
Skin like honey after 3 months use

Packaging raw shea oil honey Ricci

It comes in two sizes of 250ml bottle and 100ml bottle. The pump/ spray cap makes for easy dispensation of product.



This is a perfect blend of non-comodegenic oils for the face, with anti-aging, anti-blemish and brightening effects. It contains oils with the right amount of oleic and linoleic fatty acids which makes it great for all skin types and friendly to acne sufferers. It strengthens the skin barrier by providing essential lipids for the strata corneum of the skin and the epidermis. It has several herbs infused that help calm inflammation and treat scars and dark marks along with powerful essential oils that keep the skin free of break outs.

Ingredients: Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Macadamia nut oil, Calendula extract, Lavender extract, Rose Petals, Chamomile extract, Vitamin E, Essential oil blend and Saffron.

herbal face oil

Consistency and Formula

It is a light oil with a nice, sweet smell from different herbs and essential oils like lavender which makes it very relaxing to smell and also to use. It is non-greasy, absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way.


Usage: It is to be used on the face preferably at night either alone or as the last step in the skincare routine. It should be used daily for best results especially for dry skin. If you are new to oils, you can start by using it few times a week.

Results: The amazing turn around my skin experienced since I started using this was almost surreal. I stopped waking up with a greasy face because the oils helped balance my sebum production.

My wake up face

I also got a bouncier, firmer skin from a strengthened skin barrier which confirmed it’s anti-aging properties. It is also a great anti-acne treatment and calms sensitivity. I like to use it when i get a facial done or on days my skin just isn’t cooperating with me. It clarifies the pores and lightens scars also. It really is an all in one.

My bare skin now

Packaging honey ricci face oil

It comes in one size 50ml amber glass bottle which was strategic to maintain the potency of the oil. It has a dropper stop which helps prevent spillage of the oil.



It is a blend of purely natural brightening extracts and oils in a base of African black soap. It serves two functions both as a body mask and a body wash and performs wonderfully as both. It helps even out the skin, is moisturizing (you don’t have to worry about the black soap drying out your skin with this one), it is exfoliating and brightening. it is a skin pamper that gives immediate results after use.Honey ricci body mask with black soap


I have to say , this product has to be my favorite and at the same time, most challenging product in the whole line. It went through the most elaborate testing, trial and error.. let’s just say at some point I got burnt and black. lmao. But when i did find the perfect formula, it did amazing things to my skin.


Water, African Black soap, honey, glycerin, , Amygdalus dulcis oil, Palm Kernel oil, olive oil, lime fruit extract, African Sandalwood, Neem leaf extract, orange peel extract, Turmeric, Cinammon, Activated Charcoal, Santalum album, licorice root extract, goat’s milk, papaya fruit extract, bearberry extract, sucrose and essential oil blend.

black soap ingredients

With over 20 quality ingredients I need not say more about the quality and potency of the product. It is free of fragrance, chemicals and preservatives. The black soap used is Shea butter based, sourced from Northern West Africa.

Consistency and Formula 

It is a rich thick Liquid, not runny but fluid. it has a sweet and earthy scent from the essential oils, it also has a few fine granules from the ashes in the black soap and added sugar granules to give a mild exfoliating effect. It is richly foaming and non drying. The skin feels soft and moisturized after each use.


It is to be used in two ways either as a body mask or body wash or both. I apply all over my body for 5-10 minutes (do not leave it on for longer, it would mess up your skin barrier) after which you rinse of or use a sponge or flannel to cleanse the skin properly either with the same product or a regular body wash. It can be used at any time of the day though I prefer to use it at night. IT IS NOT TO BE USED ON THE FACE.


My Skin now

Let’s just say my skin is RADIANT!! Glowing is really an understatement. I have never used any black soap as moisturizing.. ever. Many times, I use black soap and feel dry and ashy afterwards but not with this. I had to come up with a product that suits my needs after a long time being a black soap consumer from several vendors. All through the harmattan season, i had no issues with dryness while using this. It also really smoothed my skin and made it more even. Dark marks are fading gradually and the skin looks cleaner and brighter.

Packaging Honey Ricci Brightening body mask

It comes in 3 sizes which makes it convenient for travel. The 100ml bottle, 250ml and 500ml.


That’s it for the Products guys! I am really happy to be finally introducing these products to you all. It has been months of hard work, disappointments, learning and so much more. You guys know I only want to bring the best because I take skincare very seriously. I appreciate your constant support for my business all through last year since we launched. LET’S DO IT ONCE AGAIN 2019.

honey Ricci Products
Full range of products are available at our online store

The products are available and in stock, ready for sale at set prices. I would be giving away a full set of this range for free to one lucky person (Check my social media for details).

honey ricci gift box

Instagram @_honeyricci_

For more information about the products such as prices, orders and enquiries check my online store @honeyriccibeauty on Instagram.


Watch Youtube video for full details and Demo

Thanks for reading guys!

You know I’m awesome., xoxo.




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