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Honey Ricci products

Hello guys!

Today I would be presenting to you my first set of skin and hair products.


Honey Ricci products are homemade formulations designed to be skincare adjuncts, luxury products and boosters that make all the difference in your skincare routine. This is a no nonsense skin and hair line aimed at making you look your best with the least risk possible through our all organic formulations. Organic skin care brand nigeria

Everyone that knows me know that I’m a skincare junkie. My room is full of products, empties and many organic ingredients which are all mixed up to create different solutions. I decided to come up with 5 of my best tried and tested formulations and turn passion to profit. Many of these products in the range have over 3 even 4 years of testing and credibility on myself and loved ones. I have even shared some recipes with you all. That takes me to a very core fact about this range.Organic sugar scrub


The products in this range are pretty transparent, organic to the core and effective. While everyone is trying to get into DIYs and those extra little things you do to enhance your skin, many actually do not have the time, drive or disposition to get into trial and error homemade formulations. These products basically give you your effective and essential DIYs in one package.
If you have serious skin issues, we offer consultancy and prescribe the best products for you formulated with the best technology because our client’s well being comes first. It’s not always about making sales but selling value. Unlike many beauty companies out there, false advertising isn’t our thing. We would not claim that our products are the ultimate answer to all your severe skin problems, but they  certainly would take you a step closer to it.

The starting range includes. Two body scrubs, one face exfoliating mask, a lip scrub and Hair growth oil.

1. Honey Ricci Lemon Body Scrub
2. Honey Ricci Coffee Body Scrub
3. Honey Ricci Tumeric Face Scrub
4. Honey Ricci Sugar lip scrub
5. Honey Ricci Hair Growth Oil

Honey Ricci Lemon Body ScrubHoney Ricci Lemon Body scrub

This is a brightening exfoliating scrub made from dead sea salt, lemon extracts and luxury essential oils that softens the skin and keeps it bright and even over time. It also helps fights body acne due to its rich supply of turmeric root and the calming effect of sea salt.
It has a sweet citrus fragrance and has so many nourishing ingredients perfect for your periodic skin pampering sessions.

Honey Ricci Coffee Body ScrubHoney Ricci Coffee Scrub

This is a soothing, coffee flavored scrub that brightens, relaxes and exfoliates the skin. It keeps the skin smooth and fights textural irregularities particularly cellulite due to its rich coffee content.
It has a sweet, woody smell with essential oils that relaxes tense muscles.


Honey Ricci Tumeric Face Scrub Tumeric face scrub

This is an all round facial skin perfector with exfoliating and brightening properties that give instant glow to the skin when used. It’s key ingredient is tumeric which is rich in curcumin a powerful antioxidant. This, however, is different from your everyday tumeric face pack. It is packed with so many natural skin goodies including green tea leaves. Fully organic. Prolonged use would reduce acne flares, inflammation, eczema and hyperpigmentation. It is made with 100 percent natural products. No acids or chemicals. It is formulated to suit needs of all skin types.Honey Ricci Tumeric face scrub


Honey Ricci Sugar Lip scrub.Honey Ricci lipscrub

Show your lips some love with this delight in a package. It is an organic lip exfoliator that keeps the lips smooth, soft and even toned. It is made with sugar and lemon which lightens the skin of the lips. Use regularly to prevent cracked lips and reveal fresh, supple skin. Honey ricci Sugar scrub

Honey Ricci Hair growth OilHoney Ricci hair growth oil

It is a specially formulated blend of oils that stimulates hair growth. Its key ingredient is ginger extract which has amazing benefits on the hair.

Hair growth oil

It also heals dry, itchy scalp and scalp injuries and also locks in moisture. It is an amazing must have for all my natural sistahs out there and also relaxed hair.

They are all available on order with doorstep delivery worldwide. For orders and enquiries follow our online store on Instagram @honeyriccibeauty

Thanks for reading guys! Kindly share and comment.

You know I’m awesome,  xoxo.

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