Hustle today, Forbes Tomorrow.

Wayment! Did y’all see the latest issue of forbes magazine? Did y’all peep the cover? You guys should have known I wasn’t gonna let that slide. I’m all for women empowerment and girl power and we all need to take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous Kim Kardshian. Before you nay-sayers click “next”, don’t worry, this post ain’t a Kim Kardashian post I am simply gonna use her as a point of contact. I got really inspired seeing that magazine cover and just believe anything is possible.beyonce-run-the-world

I’m a fan of many strong independent women such as Kim K who are never afraid to break all the rules and prove to everyone times without number that “Girls run the world”. Beyonce, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Tiwa Savage, Linda Ikeji, Toke Makinwa, Kris Jenner just to name a few are all powerful women who have one thing in common- Opposition. Do you see a pattern here? In the world we live in today most people are quick to bash women and call them all sorts of names because they are successful. All these women have been accused of either being prostitutes, manipulative, shallow, stupid or even just go straight to calling them witches. Kate Middleton went from “Waity Katie” and became the Duchess of Cambridge, Kim Kardashian went from Sex Tape Hoe to Forbes Magazine cover, Hillary Clinton went from the “mumu wife” that overlooked the Monica Lewinsky scandal to the First female President, yeah I said it because I know she’s gonna win (I guess I’m with her). imageTiwa Savage and Toke Makinwa were both jilted wives who were still blamed by the same society that rejoiced at their wedding with them but they still managed to come out even stronger. Most people look at them and see flawless skin, fashionable clothes and countless selfies and think that is what their lives are all about. I however see past that, I bring out the positive aspect of their stories and relate it to my life. These women know what it is to focus to push past limitations set by the society and become the direct opposite of  what everyone called them and show the world on a large scale that they are just more than a pretty face. I see a lot of these qualities in myself and I always relate to them and look up to them as inspiration.image

Categorically speaking, as women, no one wants to give us credit for our hard work, no one wants to admit that we are self made even if the signs are glaring. Till tomorrow new stories would keep coming out about how Linda Ikeji acquired her Banana Island mansion. Another girl is gonna buy a car tomorrow and all the “yimus” and whispers would start about the Sugar Daddy that bought it for her. Mediocre people can’t simply wrap their heads around how people become successful, especially women, because its not in their nature. I don’t know about you, but me, Oyindamola, has the nature of success. I have the life of God in me so I can’t but be a success. I would never join the haters beacause I’m always on the winning side. Females don’t even want to be happy for eachother, men feel intimidated and always want to put us down. So really what are we fighting for? Why downplay your success, qualities and God-given gifts just to please society. All those who called you names would eventually want to identify with you I bet you. Success has friends they say. I see many females living basic lives because they want to find husbands or be called humble, good girl, wife material.image But really who has it ever helped? In history? Who? Marilyn Monroe? Rosa Parks? Malala Yousafzai? Harriet Tubman? Who please? Go read about them, will you? Ask if their names are etched in history because they played by the rules. No one is telling you to be wayward. I’m only telling you to be bold and not be afraid to do what you want and follow your instincts. Nobody is gonna be buried with you. You die alone and face God alone so what’s the stress about?image

Moral of the story? Stop worrying about what people are saying about you. If they worry about you so much then you are already one step ahead. Stop giving so much attention to your “reputation” because it doesn’t exist. As it was said in Game of Thrones, “A girl has no name”. You could be good all your life and make one mistake just once and you watch all the same people you worked so damn hard to gain their approval call you names. That’s the life of a woman. In other words, you can go from Mother Theresa to Bellatrix real quick. That’s the real world of today. The misogynistic ideas about women has eaten deep into the mind of so many people from every part of the world. Society would make all the excuses in the world for men just because they are men and be harsh towards women for the same offence for no other reason than their gender. No matter how educated, “woke”, modern or successful people are today, you find that many haven’t really renewed their minds on how women should be treated.

Ladies, stop breaking your backs for a society that is dedicated to misunderstanding you. Break your back to achieve your goals, break your back to fulfil your dreams, break your back to please God. Stay true to yourself always and you just might be on the cover of Forbes magazine tomorrow.

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.

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  1. Ladies, stop breaking your backs for a society that is dedicated to misunderstanding you. Break your back to achieve your goals, break your back to fulfil your dreams – This part of this post is everything. Great post and I love your passion for issues like this.

  2. Oh God, this is my kind of post. I was itching to say something about kim k’s haters the moment I saw that cover and her hashtag #notbadforagirlwithnotalents, i love every single one of those women – beyonce, Toke, my women crush everyday. Thanks for this rambling.

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