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Hello guys! I was nominated for the Liebster award by Levy Braide. The Liebster award is a cool way of recognizing upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers. Thank you Tonye for the nomination dearie. The rules of Liebster awards include the following:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Display the Liebster Badge on your site
  • Answer the questions you were sent.
  • Choose 5 or more blogs to nominate
  • Send questions for your nominees to answer.

untitledAward ACCEPTED!!!

Questions and answers are as follows:

What inspired the start of your blog? Well, my inspiration came from my love for writing. I had a blog some years back and I really enjoyed the experience and everyone that read my posts appreciated my writing. I have so much to share with the world that I couldn’t just hold in so I opened a new one as soon as I got the chance. Also, I wanted to share my knowledge of beauty and makeup with so many girls out there who need it.

Got any pet peeves? Ass kissing, fakeness, lack of originality, shallowness, ….. bad breath.

What do you prefer for breakfast? A nice cup of coffee, Pancakes, fried egg, sausages and smoothie, preferably banana ginger smoothie.

 If you were to visit two celebrities, who would they be?  That’s a tough one considering the fact that I’m a groupie by nature. Lets see though,  Beyoncé is definitely number one, she’s perfection! Then maybe Floyd Mayweather because he can like to dash people money and give trips and I love that (lol).

What’s your best quote? Live and let live. It’s been what comes to mind ever since my secondary school days. You only live once people, let things be and breathe.

Who’s your favorite writer and why? It has to be Reverend Chris Oyakhilome. He’s a teacher, his books are well broken down and full of powerful words that can change a man. Love him!!

What country would you love to visit and why?  India!! I’m so in love with their culture and I know everything about them. Their history, religion, traditions, people.. they fascinate me! Also, I’m a die hard Bollywood fan I’ve been watching their movies since I was born and some of those movies date back to the 40s. I can even speak Hindi like common! Visiting India is definitely on my bucket list.

 If you were to stay at home all day what would you do? Tbh I’m just gonna be on my phone all day, watch TV or movies on my laptop.

What movie have you seen that made you cry? Countless. From Veerzaara to Kal Ho Naa Ho to Steel Magnolias the most recent, The Theory of Everything. Touching movie.

What have you done that you wish you never did? I live a life of no regrets because in the end, there was a reason why it happened and I wouldn’t trade the resulting lessons for anything else.

Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert? Extrovert..

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? I just want to be closer to God, more zealous about the things of God. The good news is I can and I’m working towards that because that’s really all that matters in this life.

 How would you describe your personal style?  Original! Oyinda always looks like Oyinda and no one else. Oyinda only looks the way Oyinda feels like looking at that particular point in time and doesn’t care what you want Oyinda to look like.

 What’s your favorite time of day? Night time is my time. That’s when I come alive. I do everything better at night, swimming, driving, name it!

Do you ever get writers block, and how do you deal with it? Don’t we all? My dear I just chill till it comes off. I can’t fight. Loool.

What would be the first thing you’ll do if you won a lottery? Go on a vacation to Venice or Dubai to think about my next move.

Which talent don’t you have, but want? Drawing. I still wonder how I’m a makeup artist today. I cant draw to save my life and I don’t have steady hands.

What inspires new idea for your blog? Just my day to day life. So many things I see on social media, it could be a movie or a convo I had with someone or just me in my head.

Three words that best describe you? Ethereal, Resilient, Genius.


Finally the questions have been done and dusted! Now I nominate


House of Kheerah,

Efe Irele,



Just answer the same questions I did and nominate others too.

Thanks for reading y’all and thanks once again.

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.



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    1. You have to taste it bae. It’s the best smoothie ever. And about the zeeworld part, not so obsessed but the bollywood movies are bomb. Glad u loved the replies. Thanks bae

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