My Acne Army

Hey there wonderful readers! Today I would be sharing with you key products that helped me battle acne with significant results.

Anyone that is acne prone would know about those dark times when your face just doesn’t want to have it. I went through such times months back and I tried gazillion products to bring acne under control. If you know how it can be, using different things but seeing no results is super frustrating. However, these products are few of them that after trying out made all the difference.


1. Murad Oil Control MatiffierMurad oil control mattifier

Oily skin and acne almost always come hand in hand. Adding sensitive skin to the mix makes things even more complicated. Whatever your skin type, you’re going to need a moisturizer. The struggle of finding a moisturizer that won’t further break me out, clog my pores and make me produce more oil was something I had to deal with. Especially when using harsh treatments to kill acne that totally dry out the skin. This right here was the deal breaker. It mattifies, protects from the sun with SPF 15 and it honestly has to be the most hypo-allergenic face lotion I’ve ever used in my life. In addition it contains ingredients such as willow bark extract that actually fight breakouts. Willow bark extract,murad,oil control mattifier,mattifier,sunscreenI saw my skin clear up little by little once I started using it. It is one of the step 3 products in the murad acne line. It shouldn’t be mistaken as a lone treatment for acne but is more effective when used along side other treatments. It does it’s job of moisturising and sunscreen excellently. Many skincare experts swear by it and even those that aren’t acne prone use it. It’s a bit pricey but worth every penny.


2. SB Oxy-10 Benzoyl Peroxide LotionMaximum strength benzoyl peroxide

Anyone in the acne struggle would have come across benzoyl peroxide at some point. The highest strength you can get over the counter without a prescription is 2.5%. All the kits and the dupes almost always come with this (if you know you know). I have used up those ones to the extent that my skin was now resistant to them. This product was prescribed for me by a dermatologist. Infact, it was oxy-5 (5% benzoyl peroxide) I was told to get but after searching several pharmacies to no avail, I had to go for this oxy-10 which is 10% benzoyl peroxide which is the maximum strength. Using this proved that sometimes you just need to turn it up a notch. Applying oxy-10 on targeted pimples would have them disappear within 24hours. Oxy-10Benzoyl peroxide kills acne bacteria basically so using it regularly over time prevents formation new ones. However it’s best kept as an on the spot treatment and not a permanent cure for the cycle. If you have a big day coming up and one pimple doesn’t want you to be great just dedicate one day and apply this three times within those 24hours and watch it disappear. This is a must have for those with cystic acne.


3. Isis Pharma Teen Derm Gel

This is another powerful product that has helped control my acne and oily skin. Everyone that has acne needs a good cleanser that can do the job of cleansing the skin and still help with blemishes. As it reads on the tube, it is specially made for oily skin with imperfections. It is soap free, has a foaming consistency with microbeads that leave the skin squeaky clean and oil free leaving little room for formation of pimples. I literally walk into the bathroom with a pimple on my face and wash my face with this and come out without the pimple. It’s that strong. I won’t advice you to use this everyday or twice a day though. Especially at first as it can dry the skin out and end up doing the opposite of what it should by triggering production of more oil. I use this 3-4 times a week especially when I want to deeply cleanse with my spin brush after wearing heavy makeup.

4. Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing BarFace soap for acne prone skin

This is another product that was dermatologist prescribed and if I have had any regrets, it’s that I didn’t buy this earlier. It is very important for acne sufferers to realize how soap isn’t good for their face, especially bar soaps. This however, despite coming in form of a bar is soap free and formulated specially for those with acne as a treatment. It is super mild with no strong perfumes and it soothes the skin and over time slowly reduces the rate at which you break out to zero. This is the mildest soap I have ever tried for my face with an optimum ph of 5.5 so you don’t have to worry about it disrupting the balance of your face or being too harsh. This I would strongly recommend for those with active acne. Face soap for acne,sebamedNote that it might seem like its purging your face for the first few days of use. Atleast this was my experience but after that it treats your face and leaves it smooth and break out free. Only disadvantage here is how you have to really work it in several times before your face is completely clean unlike the Isis cleanser that does the job in just one round. You can follow with a mild DIY toner like rosewater or acv and water like I do and watch your skin balance out.

5. Swanson Zinc PicolinateZinc for acne,zinc picolinate

During some of my research I discovered that sometimes, what you see on your face could be a mirror of what is going on inside your body. Several studies have shown that many acne sufferers actually have a zinc deficiency . The use of zinc supplements can reduce acne by 35% and I can testify to this. There was a major decline in how often I broke out once I started to take this supplement. I take it along side 1000mg vitamin c most times. The daily requirement for zinc is 22mg and one tablet a day with food is all you need. Apart from topical treatments and hygiene, you could also just have a zinc deficiency and need a boost. I copped mine from health plus pharmacy. If your acne is stubborn and resistant I strongly recommend zinc supplements.

Okay guys, those are the top 5 products I have tagged as my acne army! Share this post with friends and family members that might find this article helpful.

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