My favorite nude lipsticks

Hello guys, today I would be sharing with you my top five favoritenude lip colors. For women of color nude lips have been a very touchy topic as some makeup companies’ idea of nude doesn’t exactly blend into our skin. Recently many companies have come up with WOC friendly shades that suits all skin colors. In the past, when we make mention of nudes, we imagine pinks, beige, ash and dust which isn’t exactly flattering. But now we see shades ranging from soft pinks, to mauve, browns and even grey. Depending on your undertones and complexion, you determine the perfect nude shades for yourself. Even among women of color, some nude shades go better with light skinned or olive skinned women than darker and deeper toned women.
For my caramel skin, I usually have luck with several nude shades because those that go for both light and dark skinned tone suit me as well. Another key thing is knowing how to blend in nude shades. A woman of color should Never attempt to wear a nude lip without first lining her lips with a transition color. What could these transition colors be? Plum, wine, deep purple, brown, burgundy lip liners. All those dark shades that compliment our skin color. That way, the nude color doesn’t pop out in a shocking way and you don’t end up looking like a glazed donut or you have the concealer lip syndrome.honey ricci

Cutting to the chase, my favourite lipsticks I go to for my everyday nude look which are my absolute favourite include:

1. Zaron liquid lipstick in butter cub
2. Mac “Velvet Teddy” lipstick
3. Nyx soft matte lip cream in “London”
4.  Coloured Raine liquid matte lipstick in “Marshmallow”

5. Beauty by AD lipstick in Candid



This is at the top of the list because it has been my absolute favorite for a while now. It is a super rich, brownish nude with a creamy consistency and it dries matte. I wear it alone or mix it with other nudes. It comes out exceptionally well on dark skin but also looks good on all skin tones. Work this with a dark, rich brown lip-liner and you my dear are ready to take over the world. I love to use it on clients especially bridal looks. But I always keep it in my possession always.

Nude lipsticks for black women
Zaron matte lipstain in buttercub
Traditional Nigerian bride
Zaron buttercub paired with gloss for bridal look


If mac absolutely nailed any of their nudes for darkskin, it is definitely this shade. It is a deep toned beige that has both brown and pinkish undertones so it is perfect for dark and light skin tones. I also love the fact that you can pair this with both purple/plum toned lip liners or brown/skin colored lip liners without any hassle. It feels rather creamy but has a matte look and doesn’t crease. I love to wear it to work or any day I want to feel pretty but not too loud.

Mac velvet teddy
How it wears on me
Mac velvet teddy women of color
Simple work day look rocking Velvet teddy


Those who are familiar with this Nyx lipstick line know how much magic are in these tubes. Talk about a breath of fresh air from the regular matte liquid lipstick. This shade is a warm, soft brown kind of of nude. The name properly describes it. it is soft, matte and creamy. The color is buildable, non-ashy, and non-drying. It is perfect for an everyday look. I also pair it with either brown or purple liner. it is so nude and soft, it doesnt even look like you are wearing lipstick. i love how it looks on me.

Nyx soft matte lipcream in london
Nyx soft matte lipcream in london on me
Nudes for woc
Nyx London on a client. See how it looks like there’s no lipstick on


You guys, this has to be my favourite lipstick of all time. It has this greyish, taupe kind of hue. It is certainly one unique nude that suits women of color so well. I love to use it on myself and on clients and can be worn with or without a lipliner. It is liquid, matte but non-drying and has a rich creamy pigment.

Colored raine marshmallow on dark skin
Me wearing Marshmallow
Colored raine in marshmallow
Marshmallow on a client


5. BEAUTY BY AD IN CANDIDBeauty by ad in candid

This is another amazing Nigerian brand in my list. Just like the colored raine, it has a taupe hue but even cooler and grayer than the colored raine. I like to see them as dupes for eachother.

Marshmallow lipstick dupe
Side by side dupes

It dries up very quickly, matte and lasts for hours. I love to pair this with a dark brown lipliner and gloss on top.

Beauty by AD lipstick in candid
Me wearing candid with clear gloss
Beauty by AD candid
Beauty by AD on a client. Trad bridal look by @makeupricci

That’s all for my top 5 fave nude lipsticks. If you catch me outside in a nude lippie, I’m most likely rocking one of these.

Watch the video below to see demo of me trying each of them out on camera along with tips on application and many more.

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.

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