IMG_2438Hello my dearest readers hope y’all didn’t miss me too much. Anyways I’m going to be sharing my wonderful natural hair journey with you guys. Mind you, I’m no natural hair fanatic or expert and I’m far from “hair goals”. I’m just another negress tryna get a hang of this natural lifestyle and embrace my God-given beauty.This month of june makes it one year I’ve been natural and in the spirit of the festivities (one year birthday), I decided to rock my hair and give it some TLC. I discovered how truly beautiful this natural hair of ours is and how it just deserves some extra attention beacause it is extra special. The turn out has been great so far and I’ve had people tell me how healthy looking and nice it looked, how much it suits me and of course, you trust girls to kill you with questions. So I decided to create a post about my natural hair to inspire and educate those filled with questions and also to help rule out the myth of naturalista life being expensive, stressful or impossible. Trust me, coming from someone who was the worst naturalista ever just two months ago, you should belive me when I say its not so hard to cope with.


BIG CHOPI was the typical Nigerian girl with relaxed hair up until last June when I had my big chop. I left my hair unrelaxed for more than 5 months (of which it was just some parts I relaxed the last time I did) so I had undergrowth all over and it was time. imageOn paper, when people want to go natural there are usually two options- chop off all your hair and start from the scratch or transition your hair by stopping usage of relaxer and letting the undergrowth take over with time (this one’s usually a loooooong process). I didn’t have no time for that and I didn’t want to go bald, I mean, I had weaves to install, so I met halfway and decided to chop off all the long relaxed ends and leave the undergrowth and the remaining short relaxed ends. From the first picture, you can see that the hair was all blown and still straight. I already had coconut oil and castor oil so I just used to apply whenever I remembered and stuck to my weave life. I was legit a never-with-her-hair-out kinda girl. As I was taking one weave out, I just wash my hair and install the next one. That was even one of the reasons I decided to go natural because I never have my hair out so cutting it didn’t change much. I found out my hair type which was 4C, the kinkiest, coiliest type and ran other tests I saw online. image I bought the Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise and used to deep condition for 10mins when I wash in between my installs and trimmed relaxed ends as often as I could remember. That’s all I really did. Coconut oil-Castor oil-wash-Condition with Hair Mayonnaise-Trim relaxed ends-More Coconut oil-Install weave-Repeat.

A day I remembered to snap my hair in between weave installs.
October 2015. A day I remembered to snap my hair in between weave installs.

By October that was my hair. As you can see, still lots of relaxed ends but it looked fuller. I just took a weave out and was about to wash so it was all blown. Mind you I used to blow dry, comb dry and most hair stylist just treated my hair like crap because when they hear natural hair, they thought about “battle”. I myself didn’t know much, didn’t have the time to know much and I honestly was just waiting for the hair to grow a little more and fully transition. I tried some “protectives” in between. I did shabba braids, cornrows, started using a satin night cap, just tried to feel like a naturalista in the best possible ways but the cycle remained the same. I got a new deep conditioner by Olori at Beauty Africa Exhibition that October and also tried my first hair supplement, Hairfinity. They both worked pretty well and by  November I could finally pack my hair in a mini bun at 5months.

November 2015
November 2015

There were still relaxed ends to take care of but Hairfinity was definitely for the win. So I continued my usual cycle and kept using Hairfinity until the end of the year when I finished one pack. I decided to install faux locs and that was a terrible mistake. It made me sick for a week because of the excruciating pain and heaviness and by the time I took it off three weeks later, it ate up my edges especially the left side of my hair line which I’m still recovering from (thanks to castor oil for hooking my edges up). I installed a weave immediately I took it off and continued the weave life till I took a break in February and went on wigs for a few days before I fixed a weave again.

February 2016
February 2016

Obviously my edges were running, shrinkage was killing me and really didn’t care. After I took out the next weave, I tried another protective, cornrows, which seemed to help a lot. I had time to massage castor oil into my edges and apply coconut oil daily for two weeks. By march, there was improvement in my hair by the time I loosened the cornrows.

March 2016
March 2016

I tried out my second hair supplement late March, “Perfectil Plus, Hair, Skin, Nails” which wasn’t anything extra like Hairfinity, it was just like a multivitamin. I tried to use it as regularly as possible and it lasted till May I think. After yet again another weave, I installed crochet braids and when I took that out I was one step closer to natural hair salvation. I finally decided to visit a natural hair salon and that was a good decision. I saw how others could care for my hair more than I could and I got challenged to do more for my hair. I even finally bought Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) from them.  I installed a weave that day (don’t judge me) and had it on for a whileeee.

May 2016. That was me on my way to the natural hair salon.
May 2016. That was me on my way to the natural hair salon.

Edges were looking more decent, shrinkage still battling me and lets not even go into that weird shit on my skin (a story for another day). During the period I had the weave on, I did some research and found out a whole lot of things like how I’ve been suffering myself trying to comb my hair dry and how I shouldn’t even bother. Anyways, that was the last time I had a weave on, and I took it out about two and a half weeks ago. the time I took out the weave coincided with my one year natural hair milestone. I wanted to do something special so I took my hair with the weave still installed  and all, carried my products which now included ACV and a leave in conditioner to the same salon and told them I wanted to do something with my natural hair, no extensions. They showed me some pictures and I picked twists. They took my weave out, wet my hair, sectioned it, shampooed it, deep conditioned, combed, twisted and I watched in awe.

June 2016. my first twists.
June 2016. my first twists.

While rocking my twists I revisited my long forgotten spray bottle and filled it with  water, acv and coconut oil. I sprayed this mixture everyday to rejuvenate it and fight shrinkage. It was magical. I took out the twists last week and detangled and it was time to wash. I copied everything I could remember they did at the salon lol. I saw how amazingly easy it could be and I did more research and adopted a healthy routine (stay tuned for a hair routine post) and before I knew it, compliments started flowing in from every side and my hair was finally inspiring others. Even my bestie decided to go natural! I’ve been sporting my cute lil’ bun around town when I’m not wearing a wig and it feels real good!

Present day, One year milestone as a naturalista
Present day, One year milestone as a naturalista.
Makeup and Hair on fleek!

So, there you have it guys! my natural hair journey. Excuse the hideous pictures, I had no idea I was going to be using them for a blog post when I took them. Also, it just shows how I never went out with my hair out so you won’t find me all dressed up in any of the old pictures.

I know my one year is some people’s two months hair so I’m not prouding o (laughs). I’m just sharing my own experience for those who are curious about transitioning and also to bring out a valid point. If you kept up with my journey, you should have noticed I didn’t break the bank, I didn’t stress, neither did I stop doing regular hairstyles. All I’ve had is the essentials- Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Shea butter, ACV, Leave-in Conditioner, Water. All of these combined don’t cost up to one Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. What is stopping you girls from being natural?

Lets stop conforming to European standards of beauty and embrace our African beauty. Your hair doesn’t have to be straight for you to be beautiful. Lol I just sounded like some activist. JK! Do whatever you want b!

You know I’m awesome. Xoxo.


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  1. Love this post! I was actually transitioning too but I got discouraged after a while and retouched my hair…I think I’m going too give it a try once again…Really lovely post and you look beautiful on your natural hair.

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