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Hello guys! I as promised I’m going to be sharing with you my natural hair routine and how I maintain healthy hair and defined edges. As I disclosed earlier, in my Natural Hair Journey post, my hair type is 4c which is super coily and kinky. To get the best out of my hair I simply can’t wake up in the morning, take a shower, comb my hair and go out when I have my hair out. A routine has to be adopted and well monitored and adjusted from time to time. My present routine which I am going to talk about today wasn’t what I was doing two months back and might change again but there are some set principles that would remain when managing my hair.

  1. SPRAY BOTTLE: I never try to comb my hair dry. Whether it is right after taking out a weave or a protective, after washing, before washing, while installing new protective, I always have my spray bottle when im about to comb. It makes it easier, ensures less breakage.11008844_201403041138-400x400
  2. SECTIONING- This applies when washing, conditioning, spraying with water and combing. My hair is very thick and getting product into every part can be a piece of work. Sectioning it gives attention and detail to every part of the hair and it makes whatever you are doing easier.

    Sectioned and braided hair
  3. PROTECT BEFORE SLEEP- This really helps control shrinkage and ensure normal hair growth. So before I go to bed when I have my hair out, no matter how tired I am, I make sure I braid it down to protect it . I also try to sleep with my satin cap or a satin scarf.

    My Satin Sleep Cap

These principles have made my natural life simpler and if others struggling with their natural hair can tap into these, I’m sure they would see a major difference. Many girls went into the natural hair journey and feel like they made a mistake because its so damn hard for them when all that’s really needed are a few adjustments in their routine. It’s not about following everything you see on the internet or jumping on every product in the market. It’s just about giving your hair a little extra attention.


Below, I would give a step by step on my routine from washing to styling.

1: Detangle: You start by spraying some water to wet the hair or you could use olive oil. Then work your fingers into the hair starting from the ends. I prefer using a detangling comb to make it faster.

My go-to shampoo

2: Shampoo and rinse: Wet hair and apply shampoo in sections and wash hair section by section. Rinse hair with Apple Cider vinegar dissolved in water. This makes hair softer and healthier.

3: Deep Condition: imageI use the Olori Damage be gone deep conditioner for this step. Start at the perimiters of the hair then work product into the hair. Section hair into two and secure one part with a rubber band then begin to apply the conditioner from ends to roots then secure in rubber band and do the same on the other side. I use a shower cap to cover the hair and let it deep condition for 30minutes to an hour. Rinse out the conditioner then wrap head in a cotton cloth.

4: Leave in conditioner: $_35 I use silicon mix bamboo extract conditioner. It gives your hair this amazing healthy shine that’s so bomb. I section my hair, comb it, and apply the conditioner to each section then I go in with castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter to lock in moisture.

5: Plait hair: I divide my hair into four and braid each section down or braid the hair into four big cornrows. this helps the hair dry faster and prevent shrinkage after it dries. It is always better to leave the hair to dry naturally.IMG_2206

6: Satin Cap: I simply wear my satin cap or tie a scarf, go about my business and sleep.

7: Style hair: Take out the braids and revieal the shiny, moisturized hair and apply edge control on my edges I use olive oil edge control as this is the only one that holds my hair for over 1 hour at least. Eco tools styling gel is also perfect for natural hair. I love to pack my hair up in a bun using a rubber band or use a hair band really close to my edges and leave the fro out.IMG_2788



When my hair is braided or in some kind of protective style:image

  1. Leave-in Conditioner- I use my silicon mix every other day to nourish the hair and keep it looking healthy.
  2. Oiling- I apply coconut oil and shea butter everyday and I use castor oil on my edges and scalp three to four times weekly.

    My Coconut oil from Rand Luxury. Smells wonderful
  3. Spray Bottle- I use my spray bottle method to rejuvenate the hair if need be. I mix water, acv, castor oil and coconut oil in the spray bottle and apply it whenever I feel I need a boost.

    This is my spray bottle mix
  4. Satin Sleep Cap-  I always sleep with my satin sleep cap on to keep hair protected and lock in moisture.

That’s the routine I go by and it is amazing. Share yours and give contributions, ask questions and most importantly, share this post with someone who needs it. Stay blessed.

You know im awesome, xoxo. [sbscrbr_form]



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