Hello guys! I’m going to be reviewing the an organic product I used some months back. I have always wanted to start a series of Nigerian brand reviews. I’m going to be kicking off with this delicious body butter I purchased from Ajali Handmade Naturals. It’s called the Radiant Glow Body and Hair Butter Souffle. I have really been experimenting with body products all year and I really want to see what works for me perfectly. I have been seeing the “Shop Ajali” brand online and with the new rise of organic and natural skincare I looked into trying out some classy brands out there. They claim to have 100% handmade natural skincare products.

Ajali body and hair butter souffle

They have different types of the butter souffle on their website from peppermint to grapefruit, lavender, etc but I went for the “Radiant Glow” beacause really, who doesn’t want to glow? I liked the product and would love to share my experience of using it with you all. Let’s get into the review shall we?


INGREDIENTS Ajali body and hair butter souffle

The ingredients include shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and a blend of other heavy oils and essential oils for that heavy moisturizung effect.


PACKAGING AND PRICE Ajali natural skincare

This product went for a whooping N6000 for 380g of product. It comes in a plastic apothecary jar which I must admit made me even want to buy it more. Once open, it has a lid which further prevents spillage or contamination.

Ajali body and hair souffle
Lid on
Lid off

It is an absolutely beautiful packaging with the clear jar that makes you see the buttery color of the product through it. However, in my opinion, while it is aesthetically pleasing,  this packaging still wasn’t ideal as it was prone to spillage and leaks. If this was a thick cream or scrub, this packaging would have been a better option.


CONSISTENCY AND FORMULAAjali hair and body souffle

Firstly, this product smells amazing!!!! Like, it literally gives you a nice scent that you might not even bother with perfume. Because of this I loved wearing it when I’m going out during the day. The formula is literally like butter. Body souffle

Raw unwhipped butter in my opinion. They described this as some super whipped, fluffy butter on their website.

Here’s the website image

While I get the idea, I really struggled with the formula. It needed to be kept refridgrated at all times, melted at the slightest rise in room temperature and this made it not very travel friendly. Infact, i never took it with me anywhere and it stayed in the fridge 24/7.

Butter at room temperature
Ajali hair and body souffle
Frozen butter

Making trips to the fridge everytime I had to use it which was practically everyday wasn’t so convinient. Also, because of it’s shea butter content and the phenomenon of this ingredient going grainy, this product was not spared. This occurs because of the different melting points of fatty acids contained in shea butter. For this reason, I would always prefer cocoa butter for making commercial body butters.

When I first bought it, I legit thought I had been scammed. It was melted into a translucent oil and it only covered like half of the jar.

Melted body butter
Melted product on the night of delivery

Despite being wrapped in nylons it was still leaking and spilling. It definitely wasn’t my favourite part of using this product. Once it had solidified though it came out beautiful, buterry and once you rub it in your hands for application it just melts in. So lovely.

Shea butter
Rubbing it in you can see the grains from here


Organic body butter
How it melts into your palm

USAGE Shop ajali hair and body souffle radiant glow

I began by using this product at night for the first week or so. But since the smell was so sweet I figured why waste it on the bed when I could walk around all day with all of that goodness. I also found that having an occlusive is always better for day time to prevent transepidermal water loss. I used it once everyday and used a light oil at night instead. I bought it mainly for my skin as that was my main concern. I was almost halfway through the product when I remembered this was an actual body and HAIR souffle. I particularly loved the effect on my hair as a sealant. I used it not as often as I did on the skin but it did just great for my edges. This product should last you up to two months.


Radiant glow

Judging from the name, I purchased this product to get a radiant glow. I sure did get that though it might not be according to some people’s standard of glow (whitening gang). This product will not lighten your skin, if anything it might darken you if you don’t sun protect. With the combination of butters and heavy oils, this product is quite rich and would be very beneficial for those with very dry skin and in dry weathers. It did leave my skin super radiant, shiny, supple and healthy looking. It however was probably too rich for my skin as it broke me out on my arms and I experienced a mild outbreak of back acne and some irritation with constant use.

Bacne outbreak about two weeks into use

I would get itchy and a lump would form on my forearms especially.. so if the skin on your body is quite oily or even normal this might be too much for you. Disclaimer to those that like to use body products on the face. Don’t do it. It is so rich, it’s basically an overkill lol. I discontinued for a bit and got relief. I also noticed it was nothing short of slathering heavy oil on your skin and going out in the sun and considering the weather at the time, it gave me a mild tan so if u are looking to keep your skin tone and u go out in the sun alot.

You probably should try using this at night instead which I later did till the product finished.

CONCLUSION Ajali body and hair buttersouffle

I would give this product a 65% beacause it comes with some cons that without them would have made this an excellent product.


Highly emollient and moisturizing

Amazing Scent

Nourishing and gives you a nice glow and texture

Amazing sealant for natural hair 


Too heavy for normal to oily skin types

Not travel friendly, unstable consistency

Price a bit on the high side for it’s overall content.

Repurchasing this for my skin would be a no. If I am gifted though I wouldn’t mind at all. Looking at this product from the perspective of it not being an everyday item but rather a luxury once in a while indulgence might make you feel better about having it. Because, for me, this won’t replace a well formulated lotion or butter like the Shea moisture body butter which is an absolute fave or the Body shop coconut body butter which are more travel friendly alternatives. So while we are trying to make our products as “natural ” as possible we need to be practical also.

As a hair butter though I won’t mind repurchasing. It’s really one of the best sealants I’ve seen around. Ajali Hair butter souffle

Have you used this product before? What was your experience like? If you haven’t,  would you love to give it a try? Let me know what you think in the comment section and don’t forget to share link.


You know I’m awesome, xoxo.



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  1. Nice review… I’ve not used this product.
    But I was going to ask what’s your recommended body lotion for a chocolate skinned girl.

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