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Ingrown hair treatment

Hey guys! I’m going to be reviewing a very acclaimed product the pure tropix ingrown hair prevention.
It is said to be the world best ingrown hair prevention system. It is designed for both men and women, works for any part of the body from head to legs. Ingrown hair

I discovered their page about 2-3 years ago but all this while they were out of my reach. The online store wasn’t shipping to Nigeria and I was really curious and wanted to try it. Few months back to my utter delight, I found that they have a branch in Africa so I shopped their online store and ordered for the Ingrown Hair Prevention.

Let’s get into the review shall we? But first what are ingrown hairs?


Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Some of call them razor bumps, folliculitis, etc but the real name is actually termed Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) which is a common issue with people of color. It is characterized by bumps under the surface of the skin which stems from ingrown hairs. It is more common with us due to the distinct shape of our hair follicles. It sometimes causes pain and inflammation worsens when manipulated. It’s basically hair trapped in our follicles. It can be confused with acne keloidalis nuchae or folliculitis keloidatis. In this instance bumps might itch and occasionally become infected. This can be treated medically.


How Pure Tropix Ingrown Hair works?

It contains powerful ingredients that exfoliate the dead skin cells there by causing the follicle to squeeze out the trapped hair. It also dissolves sebum that clogs pores which make it an effective acne treatment.


Tea tree oil, benzoin resin, dragon’s blood from the amazon. It is sulfate free, fragrance free and 100% organic.

PackagingPure tropix ingrown hair prevention

It comes in a paper box with descriptions and more information and it also comes with an exfoliating brush and a paper with instructions on how to use properly. The bottle that contains product is a black opaque bottle containing 2oz of product. Pure tropix product review

It’s easily dispensed but would have been better as a pump form like it is advertised.

Dry brushing
The exfoliating brush

There was a cute Thank you card that came with the package 

It comes with a whole manual with visuals on how to use both the product and the brush. This is quite helpful.

Consistency and formula

Consistency pure tropix skincare

It has a liquid lotion kind of feel with a coppertone color.
It smells rather fruity and feels cool on the skin. Only a pea sized amount is needed to spread over affected area. Pure tropix ingrown hair prevention review


Pure tropix ingrown hair prevention system

I started using it twice daily but later used it only once. I brush the area with the exfoliating brush in a circular motion for a few seconds (pls try not to be too harsh you might bleed) then when your pores and follicles are opened up nicely apply product and pat it in.


This is the banging part. In the first week or two I used it I barely saw any change which was quite disappointing.

Infact in my underarms, the product appeared to be causing some irritation. It seemed to have been too harsh on my armpit area.

before ingrown hair treatment



Three weeks later 

I wasn’t shaved so I decided to do so. It really helps when there’s no hair getting in the way. I began to see some peeling and the bumps dried up.

I used it twice every day and began to see the bumps clear up. I however, saw better and faster results around my bikini area as the skin in that area is less sensitive than my underarms.

Bikini area before
Bikini area after a few weeks


Bumps reduced but skin was discolored and sensitive

I noticed the skin became really thin and irritated and there was some discoloration. I decided to reduce usage to every other day.

Over time my skin cleared up and it was like i never had the issue of ingrown hairs before. I didn’t use it again once I noticed the bumps were gone.

Few months after stopping treatment

I didn’t even feel the need to continue with my usual armpit and bikini area regime which I have shared here because with the Ingrown hair treatment, there was less discoloration and the skin in that area blends well with the rest of my skin. Another thing that really helped was switching to waxing in my armpit area. I mentioned the at home wax strip I use in my post.


I feel it’s a decent product with a special technology not common out there especially for an organic product. It reacts differently on different skin types but works eventually.

In using any product, the main thing to note is that patience is key.. also following the starting slow method to get faster results is the best option for this product. You do your patch testing, start with few days and work your way up especially if you have sensitive skin. Like every skin condition prevention is always better than cure and I would like to see this product as a last resort because it’s really strong. Think about it like getting a chemical peel. It shouldn’t be a prolonged, everyday routine kind of product. I’ve recommended for clients and they got great results also. This product works!!

Honest review from a client

Okay ya’ll that’s what i have to share with you all. I hope you have learned a thing or two and this post can help you make an informed decision about purchasing this product.

If you are interested you can shop the product at my beauty store on Instagram and we deliver anywhere in Nigeria @honeyriccibeauty

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.



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