Hello guys, so today I’m going to be going into a review of some products from my absolute favorite Nigerian based skin care brand- The Skin Apothecary Ng. Today, I’m going to be talking about their Ayurvedic black soap known as Liquid black Gold.


This is a rich blend of many potent ingredients with black soap which makes this literally black gold. It is great for all skin types, doesn’t dry out the skin the way many black soaps do and still nourishes the hell out of your skin. This is my holy grail product. Another thing I absolutely love about this product is how it has improved over the years. I have watched it evolve from a black soap of 3-4 ingredients to becoming a full blown skincare champion. The upgrade game is on fleek! The consistency, fragrance, potency just gets better with time. The product formulator, and CEO, The Skin Apothecary NG, Naomi, is someone I admire a lot. She is always ready to up her game and has that keen gift of listening to her customers.

Enough talk, let’s go into the nitty gritty details:


The ingredients include cocoa pod ash, palm kernel oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, plantain skin ashes, Ahas and Bhas and honey.

Shea butter is rich in vitamins A and E and has been proven to be effective in fading scars, skin irritation and stretch marks. This makes it excellent for those with acne. It is also non-comedogenic and has antimicrobial properties. Shea butter for the win!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids also known as AHAs are chemical compounds that exfoliate the skin. They are usually found in fruit extracts, milk and sugarcane. They break down dead skin cells to reveal new, fresh skin. Regular use of these would ensure smooth and clearer skin, even skin tone and prevent break outs and clogged pores.



The skin apothecary liquid black gold

It is a liquid soap which is thick and rich. It isn’t runny, contains tiny grainy particles probably from the ashes and this makes it have a mild scrubbing effect when applied to the skin. It has a sweet smelling yet mild fragrance so there’s no worry about the horrible black soap smell here. It doesn’t lather excessively until you apply a lot and it is easily rinsed off from the skin.


The skin apothecary liquid black soap

I initially used this product two times daily unfailingly. Once out of this times,  I would apply on my body before getting into the shower and leave it on for 10-25minutes for my body and 5-15 minutes for my face. I wet my face before gently massaging into my skin and allow it to sit. You can also just bathe with it like a normal liquid soap using an exfoliating sponge I do this mainly in the mornings when I have to go out on time.

I later reduced its usage to just once a day mainly at night because too frequent use could dry out your skin. It is very important to listen to your skin. If it is too harsh on your face try not to leave on for more than 5 minutes before rinsing off or just use it to wash ur face and rinse off immediately. Also, because it contains AHAs and BHAs always try not to combine with products containing ahas, bhas, retinoid treatment and please use sunscreen thanks. I now prefer to use a more hydrating soap during the day then use black soap only at night on just my body.


PACKAGING AND PRICINGThe skin apothecary ayurvedic black soap

This product comes in 3 different sizes of different prices 

The 200ml bottle – N3000 

The skin apothecary ng
200ml bottles pictured along side their whipped body butter

The 250ml- N4000 

The skin apothecary black soap
250ml bottle

The 500ml bottle- N7500 

The skin apothecary ayurvedic black soap

Personally I’m very okay  with the packaging. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle which helps you monitor the usage well, it is light, easy to carry around ( especially the smaller bottles). It comes with a flip cap and dispenses product well and doesn’t spill even if u travel with it.


The skin apothecary ng
Pictured along side their coffee body scrub

I’ve pretty much said all there is to know about the product. I’m not gonna try and act like I’m speculating or whatever. Issalie! I’m so in love with this product! I started using this product around October 2016 and I got it at a time I had a flare of acne break outs. 

October 2016

    A week after using the black soap

Within a month of using it, my skin was so clear it was unbelievable. I got hooked ever since then.

One month after using

Everyone asked me what I used. Even for the body, it has a lightening effect which isn’t drastic in anyway. This helps maintain your skin tone even in this Naija sun. Your skin just glows and evens out like crazy. It is also great for lightening and evening out those hard to reach areas such as the armpits and bikini area (check out my post on how to lighten those areas). My skin apothecary liquid black soap has done wonders for my skin. It is one of those products that are all in one especially for the body. You can literally be using only ororo (cooking oil) as lotion but having this as your soap is enough to do the work. Even those times that for one reason or the other you take a break from using it, the effect still lingers on your skin for weeks. Despite all its benefits for fading scars and taking care of acne, it still shouldn’t be viewed as a sole acne treatment. There are many processes involved in the treatment of acne and this product might not prevent or stop an active acne cycle. It is useful in blemish prevention and control and healing but should not be prescribed as a treatment. 

So in conclusion, I would say this product is top notch and a good place to start for skin enhancement and you are low-key playing yourself if you haven’t gotten it yet. The pros definitely outweigh the cons but its only fair for me to outline them don’t you think?

The skin apothecary liquid black gold


  • Super effective for skin brightening and blemish control
  • Evens out the skin tone
  • You get a good deal for your money (you only need a good lotion to use along side it)
  • Exfoliates the skin (you don’t need to spend on a chemical exfoliant)


  • A bit pricey for low budget beginners or students
  • Can be harsh on sensitive skin
  • Lather lather lather! Doesn’t foam as much as your regular shower gel or even other black soaps and if you like later like me, this makes you end up using too much at once then it finishes fast.

A 500ml bottle typically lasts roughly a month while the 250ml last two weeks.

That’s it for my review guys! Have you ever used this product? What was your experience? Would you like to try it out? I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share and comment.

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.

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