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Happy Holidays guys!
In the spirit of the festivities, lots of gifts are shared. Every product junkie like myself would appreciate nothing more than a box of skin care goodies this season.
Sometime ago I got this box loaded with goodness as a gift and I decided to review it for you guys. If you are contemplating what to get for someone as a gift, this is most definitely a great idea- THE BODY SHOP COCONUT RANGE

The gift box contained five items which were
– Coconut nourishing body butter 200ml
– Coconut shower cream 250ml
– Coconut body mist 100ml
– Coconut hand cream 50ml
– Coconut exfoliating cream body scrub 50mlthe body shop coconut gift box

According to The Body Shop website , all products in the Coconut body care range contain cold-pressed Community Trade virgin organic coconut oil from the sun-kissed shores of Samoa, Polynesia. I mean, how cool is that? When I dig into this box of joy I’m literally transported into another world. This range of body care is clearly a luxury range and as such, I didn’t consider using it for everyday use (and when I say luxury I don’t mean the price but it’s purpose for ME as I’m well aware the products are not exactly high end). I use them for special occasions especially dates or on days I just want to spoil myself and relax.

I would be reviewing each product in the gift box. Which is my favorite? Are they worth it? Find out by reading this review.


Details: This is a nourishing body lotion with a thick, smooth buttery consistency. It was made for those with dry skin and is said to lock in moisture for up to 48hours from one use. It has a beautiful coconut, sweet smell.coconut body butter

Usage: I lovethe body shop coconut body butter to use it mainly at night and it has this way of making the skin shine without being too oily, heavy or sticky. It makes my skin feel so soft and smell real good. If u don’t have dry skin though it might be too heavy for daytime use especially on a sunny or hot day. It’s a good choice during this harmattan period .

COCONUT SHOWER CREAMthe body shop coconut shower cream

Details: This is a creamy, soap free shower cream infused with coconut oil. It fills the whole room with a sweet smell when used to shower and this aroma lingers on your skin for hours. I love the fact that it lathers up really nice and doesn’t have this drying, overly “squeaky “ effect most bath products have. Despite that, there’s definitely no worries when it comes to getting all the dirt off in a swipe!the body shop coconut shower cream review
Usage: It can be used at anytime of the day. I just pour some on a wet body sponge and wet my body and use it all over my skin. Although it is a body product, I’ve used it on my face a couple of times and there was no reaction whatsoever. I would always advice people, however, to stick to the actual purpose of the product especially for prolonged use.

COCONUT BODY MISTthe body shop body mist

This has to be my favorite product in the box. Even on days I’m not on a “coconut “ level, I still find myself digging my hands into the box to fish this baby out.

Details: It is infused with coconut oil and sugar from Community Trade sugarcane essence from Brazil. It doesn’t have a stong, overwhelming smell however it has just the right fragrance to make you a walking snack. It smells so sweet that those around you find themselves wanting to eat you up for no reason.The body shop coconut body mist
Usage: I spray it all over my bare skin. Legs, hands, hair, neck… EVERYWHERE but I avoid my armpits and just spray around it. It isn’t a deodorant and shouldn’t be substituted for one. It also isn’t a perfume u apply on clothes. It’s purpose is to be applied directly on the skin make it smell “sweet and fresh”.

COCONUT HAND CREAMThe body shop coconut hand cream

I had known about the importance of a hand cream but was just never subscribed to it. I always skipped this whenever I was getting myself skin care. As at the time I got this I actually needed one cuz I always wash my hands and it was drying out my skin.

Details:coconut hand cream swatch The coconut hand cream has a light, gel-cream consistency that absorbs fast. It softens and protects the hand. Apart from,of course, containing coconut oil, it also has the almighty shea butter from Ghana. This baby right here, The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cream, also a favorite in the collection, is now my handbag companion. I take it with me everywhere.

Usage: Just before I dash out on my daily business I apply a little bit and massage into my hands and cuticles. The amazing thing about this range is how everything down to a hand cream makes u feel like you are on a tropical island. My hands smell so good and feel so soft after each use I feel so confident in meetings, touching a client’s face and generally just using my hands.

COCONUT EXFOLIATING CREAM BODY SCRUBthe body shop coconut exfoliating cream body scrub

Details: This is a body exfoliator with rich, creamy particle texture. It has a light sweet coconut scent as it is infused with virgin coconut oil. It is soft and gentle,isn’t overly abrasive. It basically feels like u a slathering rich cream,that contains little particles, all over your body.the body shop coconut exfoliating cream body scrub review
Usage: I use it on wet skin and take time to gently scrub all areas especially the tougher skin like knees and elbows. The result? Let’s just say you go from snack status to a full course meal. It isn’t my favorite exfoliator, however, because as an African girl that I am, I prefer something stronger and more abrasive to get the dead skin off and that “newly scrubbed” feel. This is basically just made for those days you wanna be “extra”. It’s pretty small, coming in a 50ml cup, so I barely use it. This shouldn’t be used to scrub the face.

Okay lovies, that’s the end of the review. I hope you learnt a thing or two and you now have an idea on what to give as a gift that would be well appreciated or what to demand from that loved one owing you a gift. This isn’t something that anyone would regret. I think about that box and I feel excited (lol).

Please share with your friends and drop your comments, questions and contributions.

You know I’m awesome , xoxo

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