Ziza Natural Hair Product Review+ DIY Routine

Ziza hair product review

Hello dear readers! I know it has been a while we treated hair care. I decided to talk about a set of products I’ve been using for over 6 months now.
Ziza is a Nigerian based natural hair/ wigs and weaves start-up company. I happen to know the creator of the brand Ope. She started to market a set of products last year which includes a shampoo, leave in conditioner and a hair gro oil. I picked up mine sometime in September and haven’t had a regret ever since. I thought, why don’t I share the amazing benefits with you guys?ziza hair shampoo, leave-in conditioner and hair gro oil

This set of three retails for just 4500NGN.

Ziza Enriched Organic Conditioning Shampoo

This is a great, sulfate free shampoo made with natural ingredients. The main ingredient in this is black soap which is amazing. What else should be in an african natural hair shampoo if not the almighty african black soap. It has a rather watery, liquid consistency compared to most regular shampoos. You would need a lot before you get lather which I found as the main con in this product. However, with more regular use, I found the key is just to make sure your hair is soaking wet. This would ensure getting a richer lather out of this. It gives a rather invigorating sensation as it is lathered into the scalp. This has to be because it contains menthol and tea tree oil. these are helpful in treating scalp injuries and conditions such as dandruff. It also contains hair friendly oils like castor oil, rosemary oil and so on. This shampoo cleans the hair really well, don’t even let the lather issue fool you. In just one or two rounds, you have a completely clean hair and scalp. It doesn’t irritate the hair, doesn’t cause breakage and is safe. You don’t need to use a conditioner after using this. I would definitely be repurchasing it.

Ziza 3 in 1 Leave-in conditioner

This has to be the holy grail product in the trio. when you talk of leave-in goals, this comes to mind. it is called a 3 in 1 because its main features are the 3 major keys.

  • Detangling
  • Hydrating and
  • Glossing

It contains olive oil, shea oil, avocado oil, argan oil…. moisture would never be a problem when using this product. If you want hydrated, soft and nourished hair, I strongly recommend this. That isn’t even the best part! You can use it on your wigs, weaves, clip ins, extensions, everything! It revives old, dull weaves and while it is installed it can be used as a constant rejuvenation therapy to maintain the look.
It has a watery consistency and comes in this amazing spray bottle that just responds anytime you call, you know what i mean.. ( those of you familiar with spray bottles know the struggle). Its almost like you are spraying super charged , nourishing water on the hair. It has a faint fragrant smell, nothing too fancy just the way I like it.

Usage. Lift the cap and spray directly onto the hair daily or as often as you might think your hair or weave needs rejuvination. It also serves as a good detangler after taking out your protective just mix with water and spray before shampooing. The formula is super amazing and lasts long though this would probably be the first to finish in the collection because its uses are so miscellaneous. It is a must have! Retail price: 1500NGN

Ziza Hair Rejuvenating and Growth oil (Hair Gro’ oil)

This is a personal favorite. It is a blend of several oils which aid hair growth, soothes dry, itchy and flaky scalp and locks in moisture. If not for anything, the ecstatic, invigorating experience I get from applying it makes me always have it in my travel bag and reach for it quite often. . For the price, I think you will be getting way higher benefits than you bargained for! (Which is fine, we ain’t complaining).
It comes in a well packaged small plastic bottle, hardly leaks so far it is sealed properly. You only need a few drops at a time and don’t be fooled by its size this thing can last you a year! If you have receding edges or hair loss from tight hairstyles and so on , this is what you need to get back on track. It contains jojoba, castor and tea tree oil with henna extract (hellooooo growth!).
It has a strong but pleasant smell with powerful ingredients which stimulates your roots to bring forth new growth. Every naturalista needs a hair gro oil such as this. It retails for just 1500NGN. It is also great for grooming beards and men’s hair.

Usage: Massage into scalp or affected area twice a day. it is also a good conditioner/moisturiser for the hair, you can apply from tips to root to strengthen hair and prevent breakage.

I strongly endorse these products especially for beginners. It is affordable and solves the problem of product selection. With this set, all you need do is just get a deep conditioner you can be using after shampooing then diy protein treatments from time to time and you are good to go! It is literally a natural hair routine packaged in a set.


Here is a simple DIY routine you can do using ypur Ziza Hair products

DIY avocado hair mask


Check out how I made this Avocado hair mask


Half avocado pulp
Half banana
1 egg
A capful of honey
Few drops of Ziza Hair gro’ oil

Honey is great for hydration and avocado has healthy fatty acids that nourish the hair. Eggs are a great source of protein and have been proven to strengthen hair. Doing a protein mask such as this monthly ensures hydrated, strong and healthy hair.


Combine avocado, cut banana and a capful of honey in a bowl. And put into a blender. Break an egg then add a few drops of hair gro oil and blend until smooth as seen in the photo.

After shampooing with the Ziza Organic Shampoo, section hair and apply then cover hair in a plastic bag for 30mins upwards. Rinse off then apply the 3 in one leave in conditioner and style as needed. Watch out for more natural hair DIYs😉

That’s it GUYS! Would you be getting any of these? Have you tried them? What was your experience? Let me know your questions and contribution in the comment section below.

You know im awesome, xoxo.

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