Blue Metallic Lipstick Tutorial

Hello my wonderful readers. I want to share with you how I achieved the above look. About a week ago, I was going to do makeup for a client and I did my brows, the rest of my face and it remained the lips. I wanted to go nude as usual but I was bored with looking the same all the time and picked up my long forgotten blue lip liner and swiped it on my lips. I was like yes! I’m going on blue lips today.


Reflections Pearly Eye crayon:

The blue lip liner I used. The prints have faded.
The blue lip liner I used. The prints have faded.

I purchased the blue lip liner about two years ago while in school for about a hundred bucks. I used it like twice and its just been lying in my makeup box and I use it sometimes to color my water line. From the name you could guess it’s actually an eye color but I guess someone saw it did well on the lips too. I purchased the blue, burgundy and the Deep purple colors.

The three shades of the Reflections Eye Crayon I purchased.
The three shades of the Reflections Eye Crayon I purchased.

You can tell from the pic the burgundy is my absolute fave. The cover is even missing lol. It has a more matte look and I wear alone or with my Mac Media Lipstick. The coverage of these are just awesome you don’t even need to go over them with lipstick of any kind.

Sleek Studio Original eyeshadow palette: image

If you know about sleek eyeshadows you would know how pigmented they can be. I’ve had this eyeshadow since forever it was my first real eyeshadow palette since I started this makeup journey. It contains shimmery vibrant colours that stand out and have this satiny metallic finish that’s too die for. Of course, there was no better eyeshadow color to set the lip liner with. I could have gone for a matte eyeshadow but the lip liner already has a satin finish so I opted for a metallic look.


Basically, all I did was go over my lips with the Reflections pearly eye crayon in Color 23- Blue.

Pearly lip liner worn alone.
Pearly lip liner worn alone.

Then reached for my Sleek Original Eyeshadow palette and used the deepest blue shade to go over my whole lips. Then applied the second deepest to the center of my lips. imageI’m Voila! The blue metallic lip look was created.imageimage

I know it seems like a lot of trouble to some and its like, why not just swipe on a blue metallic lipstick and cut the long story short. Of course, that thought crossed my mind but makeup is an art and about being creative so why not try something out and see how it works.


Some good metallic lipstick dupes in this color include OCC Lip Tar in “Technopagan”. image

Mac High metallic ocean blue Lipstick with frost finish in “Designer blue”. image


Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in “Paint”.

Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in "Paint"
Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in “Paint”

Mac Deep Blue Matte Lipstick in “Royal”image


For the remainder of my face, the details are below: image


Davis eyebrow pencil in colour 3.

LA girl Pro Concealer in Fawn to clean out brows.


Maybelline colossal Kajal in black to tightline and line the lids.

Inglot USA AMC Gel liner in #77 for more intensity and to create a winged eyeliner.

Maybelline Rocket mascara on the lashes.


Mac fix+ Spray and LA girl Pro Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer to prep skin.

Mary Kay Timewise Matte Liquid Foundation in Beige 1.

La girl pro concealer in Fawn to highlight.

Maybelline all in one powder in “toffee” to set.

Sleek Contour kit in Dark to contour and highlight.



For some extra drama, you can add some blue glitters on top of the lips.image

Also, since all the products used to achieve this look are eye products its a no brainer that these steps could be replicated on the eyes to create a bold smokey eye look. Just make sure you blend and be more careful.image

Glitter could also be added for the extra slayyy image.

imageThanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed the post! Do drop in comments and tell us if you’re willing to try the looks.

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.

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