Dissatisfaction or Discontentment?

Hello readers, so I and my brother were having a discussion sometime ago about success, riches and the idea of being content or not. Most of the time as youths, we find ourselves wondering about the future. We think about what we want our lives to be like, we look at how we can achieve it and then we look at how far we are from that place and wonder if we are ever going to get there. This stirs up a feeling of discomfort, unfulfilment and dissatisfaction with where we are. While we are dealing with all that we get these voices from some internalized ideas we got fom maybe our parents, family members, friends or society at large. Those voices tell us we are being ungrateful and discontent. It sometimes confuses us and make us wonder if wanting more than we have makes us a bad person. But really does it?image

My brother made mention of the word dissatisfaction, a very strong word. I belive it is an important factor in determining how far you are willing to push to move forward because if you ask me, there is no motivation to change your current position if you feel very comfortable where you are. Dissatisfaction means not being satisfied with the way things are presently and this makes you strive to get the satisfaction you want which is very essential in the journey of success. image
I believe you have to picture what you want for yourself and don’t stop until you get it. You owe yourself that much. There are a lot of ideologies especially when we go down the religious point of view that have done more harm than good. They inhibit people from achieving their highest potential because they don’t want to seem ungrateful, selfish and materialistic. Lines like “The love of money is the root of all evil” “You cannot serve God and mammon” ‘Our help cometh from the Lord” has been taken way out of context and further polished to a level that brain washes people into believing that its okay to be poor. It is not okay! This same bible says “I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth also”. “…..He shall be like a tree planted by the river side that yieldeth forth fruit in its season and its leaves also does not wither and whatsoever he doeth, he prospers”.  “If ye be in Christ, ye are Abraham”s seed” and guess what? Abraham was stinkly rich, so was Isaaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Jesus and his disciples were rich too. Don’t let anybody fool you. God isn’t being glorified in your poverty. I told my brother, “have you ever heard of any great man of God in the bible that was poor”? There is nothing wrong in wanting to be better and not being satisfied with poverty because God dwells richly in you. You own all things, mediocrity is something you should never settle for.b5e54ff91ce90a70a294348f7f72f664

Let’s talk about contentment now. This is something a lot of people are robbed of by the devil. They think its ambition and drive but it is a stronghold. These people find that no matter how many pinnacles of success they reach they feel empty and always find themselves competing with their neighbor thinking if they have more they would be happier. Contentment is a gift of God to believers but should not be used as an excuse for laziness. 756145a3e5dc68493d2792105fcad2a4The contentment of a believer is the knowledge that your source is from God. ” I lift up mine eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help? My help commeth from the Lord who made heaven and earth”(Psalm 121). You would be content when you know your success isn’t in the hands of any man and that God who owns everything is your direct source. That confidence and boldness that even if your account balance says zero, you know of another account you keep with God, the account that never runs dry. You know what you have now is sufficient because it is not physical. You know you don’t have to worry or struggle blindly because God has your back. Anything you want you can get it because you know you are right with God and you stand on His promises. This, my friends, is what the Word of God talks about, not despising riches and pointing fingers and claiming poverty over your head in the name of serving God. You are just playing yourself. 3e64470078a457b8bd97931bacd0a353

If Jacob hasn’t wrestled with God and collected his blessing by force you think it was just going to fall on his lap? You have to act it out. By working hard to be the best you show that you trust God enough to reward you for that hard work. However, people like to pretend its the other way round and you don’t have to do anything that if you would be rich God will make you rich and if you would be poor, you’re just gonna be poor. Lies upon lies. Even in the book of Revelation when Jesus was addressing a church full of poor people he added (though ye are rich) meaning their long suffering of poverty was their own choice (Rev 2:9). Success is of God all you have to do is get it from the right source and not trust in your own power.quote-Thomas-A_-Edison-restlessness-is-discontent-and-discontent-is-the-89988

Take a stand today and take destiny into your own hands. Do not be comfortable in that one bedroom apartment and think you’ve arrived when your mates are building houses. Do not sit in that ungodly, unhealthy relationship because you think that’s the best you’re going to get. No! Your life is upwards and forwards only. If it doesn’t serve you any good let it go and aim higher. God’s plan for you is greater than you can ever imagine (Jer 29:11). Use that dissatisfaction as a ladder to take you up. I haven’t heard of any great person that wasn’t dissatisfied and admitted that their lives wasn’t going the way it should.quote-Hubert-H_-Humphrey-if-there-is-dissatisfaction-with-the-status-18242 God isn’t blind or deaf, neither is he deceived he sees your plight he only needs you to take that step of faith. I want you to take an active step in changing your condition today. No more stagnancy or retrogression. Determine today that enough is enough. Get your ass up and stop pretending that all is well when it isn’t and God will honor your courage.dissatisfaction-quotes-8

Have a blessed day guys, till the next post.

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.


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