How to Lighten Dark Armpits/ Bikini Area

How to lighten Dark armpits and bikini area

Hello dear readers, it’s your girl Ricci bringing you them tips once again (You’re welcome). I want to share with you guys some home remedies I’ve adopted to maintain and even tone in those “hard to reach” areas of the skin.

Every person of color would have at some point had a little darkness in the armpit area due to ingrown hairs and hyperpigmentation. It is more severe in some people than others, many people have more sensitive skin in those areas making it more reactive, producing more melanin as a form of protection and just generally more prone to skin infections than other areas of the body. Take it from me, I KNOW.

Anyways, I’m here to rescue you from all the unpretty hyperpigmentated skin that comes along with it. Before we get into it, it should be noted that it is totally normal for these areas not to be the exact same color as your normal skin tone and these remedies help improve the appearance and brighten the skin in that area but isn’t an alternative to bleaching.

From several research I’ve done, I realized that uneven and darker armpits and bikini area among other things can be attributed to one main culprit- DEAD SKIN. And who can tell me the key solution to dead skin? That’s right, EXFOLIATION. Barely anything can penetrate if the dead skin isn’t scrubbed off. Many times there is instant improvement in the appearance of the skin after exfoliating.

Here are a few of the products and remedies I’ve come up with that help keep the skin in those areas even and nice.

1. St Ives “Blemish Control” Apricot Scrubst ives blemish control apricot scrub

While this scrub was made for the face, I found it could be useful in other areas when I realized it was too harsh for my face. It contains salicylic acid which exfoliates and treats blemishes. If u have issues with ingrown hairs and dark areas, this is the plug right ives apricot scrub I use it everyday or every other day depending on my needs. It has zero negative side effects on my skin and using it makes the area instantly brighter and clearer. I also try to pay extra attention to these areas when I’m having my normal body scrub exfoliation which is twice a week.

2. Funbact-A antibacterial creamFunbact-A

Every Nigerian would know this cream and how it has been abused (bleachers in da house! Lmao). I’m also a culprit as I got to realize how effective it is. Using it daily, morning and evening, on your armpit and bikini area especially after exfoliating is guaranteed to whiten the area and also kill bacteria that form shaving bumps. Prolonged use can lead to striae formation on the skin so always make sure u take a one month break from it after every three months.

3. Almond oil

sweet almond oil

Almond oil is a natural oil known to have skin lightening properties. This is a very safe way to slowly lighten dark areas in the body. Applying it daily to dark areas would result in obvious improvement in complexion. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties and I always love to apply it after a wax or a shave to soothe the area. It is very important to always apply a gentle oil after shaving to prevent irritation. In the absence of this I just use coconut oil.

Wax Strips:

Many atimes, the main cause of discoloration in those areas is ingrown hairs. Opting for waxing instead of shaving ensures that the hairs are pulled from their roots and eliminates the issue of ingrown hairs. If you can’t always go to a spa, you can wax at home using wax strips you can get at drugstores.  I use the one from Beauty formulas for my home waxing.wax strips beauty formulas


Tea tree oil:tea tree oil

This is an essential oil with powerful antiseptic properties. Using a drop or two directly on shaving areas help to prevent inflammation and kill bump causing bacteria. This in turn keeps the skin tone even and clear.

Black Soap

Apart from all these remedies, switching to African black soap has helped alot with maintaining my even skin tone. Black soap thoroughly cleans and exfoliates the skin and this helps products to penetrate better. Do u have those dark areas that need extra attention? Apply black soap for about 5-10 minutes before entering the shower. Do this daily and watch dark armpits and bikini area become history. I make use of The Skin Apothecary Ayurvedic black soap.

the skin apothercary liquid black gold
Here is the black soap I use

That’s it guys, my two cents on how to clear up those dark areas (thank me later). If you can follow through with these simple remedies, you would be amazed at the results and wondered why you have had to put up with such embarrassments in the past.  It is simple as ABC!

Kindly share this post with loved ones that might need it also. Don’t be selfish;)


You know I’m awesome, xoxo

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  1. Dermalmd lightening serum is great for the bikini area. It is strong enough to get the job done and not irritate your skin! I apply this serum every morning. This company has a lot of great products for lightning, anyone you try will give you results!

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