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Hey there, dearest readers, today I’m going to be telling you guys about products that have a permanent place in my makeup routine. We all have those products that if anyone puts a gun to our head and gives us the option of chose just a limited amount of products, we are so going to pick. When I’m on the move can’t take too much of items along because of the limited space, here are a few of the products that have no choice but to leave with me.

  1. untitledcacaoMaybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One Powder in “Cacao”: Two words, “Cacao it”! This is the go-to contour powder for women of color. You find that most of the so called contour colors in the different contour kits come out kind of ashy and overboard and if you don’t use them tactically you could mess your contour up. Cacao however is warm and perfect for our undertones. It suits colored skin and makes the perfect sculpting contour and it is very buildable from light skin to dark skin. Team Cacao all the way!
  2. Real-Techniques-Expert-Face-Brush-Front-View1Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: This brush is the Holy Grail. In fact, if you don’t have any face brush with you at all, only expert face brush can work the magic. From foundation application to blending, buffing, powder, setting, this brush is everything! I don’t know what I would do without this brush. The density of the bristles and the way its shaped just makes it live up to its name. This brush definitely makes it to the bag.
  3. fix-mac-15e282acMac Fix+ : This setting spray in Mac’s prep and prime collection is the absolute best. Most MAC face products are overhyped and always have cheaper substitutes but this is something I do not regret buying. Just like number 2, this product lives up to its name- Fix, because that is exactly what it does, it fixes your makeup. The amazing thing about this setting spray is how it can be applied at any stage in your makeup routine. It basically just sets everything in place and makes your work seamless. You could carry it around to refresh your makeup at any given time you have your makeup on.
  4. la-girl-pro-conceal-hd-concealer-fawn-gc983-3LA girl HD Pro Concealer in “Fawn”: This yellow-toned concealer  is one of the best things that happened to me. Its awesome, lovely, beautiful, “hamazing”! Bruh, I have this on every day. It has a permanent home in my under eye area and my staple concealer for sculpting my brows. Its perfect for my warm undertone and can transform me from Lequisha to Beyoncé real quick.
  5. BeautyBlender-SpongeBeauty Blender: Major key alert. Thou shalt not leave without your beauty blender! Where are you going? Who are you please? WYD? Take that beauty blender b! Don’t play yourself.
  6. 61L7+lUaQNL__SL1500_Maybelline Colossal Kajal: Can’t leave without this baby. It’s the best eyeliner ever and you won’t even want to go out without eyeliner in the first place no matter how simple the makeup could be. It is amazing for tight lining and can also be used on the eyelid. It’s pigmented, doesn’t run and it stays on all day. I’m not complete without it.
  7. 50390526-1_4Sleek Contour Kit in “Dark”: Which product was responsible for the badass Makeupricci contour? Has to be the sleek contour kit. This was my first love in contouring. This is one contour kit that does the job. You could have just foundation on your face without baking or any form of highlighting and contouring and just use this kit alone the transformation would be magical. While cacao is my preferred contour powder because of its warmer look, the contour powder in sleek contour kit is added on days I want extra drama. However, the main reason I would be including this in my emergency box always is the highlight. Glow is needed for any makeup look and this offers the perfect solution always. The packaging is great and the color, oh my, it is the perfect gold highlight for women of color and would fit into any makeup look. Its also affordable so it doesn’t hurt to carry it around.
  8. realtechniques_detailerbrush001Real Techniques detailer brush: This brush deserves an award after the expert face brush. It is among the Real Techniques Core Collection set which means you have to buy the whole set to get it as Real Techniques don’t make brushes that come in sets singularly. It can be used for a lot of things from concealing spots to hiding mistakes to lipstick application and cleaning out the eyebrows. I mainly use it for concealer to clean out my brows and the edges of my lips. It should have been named a concealer brush because it works so well with all types of concealers. Just dip your detailer brush in a concealer and watch the demonstration of a match made in heaven!
  9. IMG_2511Eyebrow pencil: People with scanty natural brows like myself can’t afford to be walking around without our eyebrows filled in. I like to carry an eyebrow pencil around just in case. Davis pencil in color 3 is my go to as I don’t have to worry myself if I lose it because it’s so cheap and it applies perfectly. I love it.
  10. Clear-Smooth_packshot_TOFFEEMaybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One Powder in “Toffee”: Call me Miss Maybelline but I can’t help that their products are so freaking awesome. This powder right here, see, even if I’m not with any of the above listed, I would always pick this and I’ll tell you why. This is one powder you can apply without anything else. No eyebrows, no concealer, don’t even have your bath, but would still transform you and make you look flawless. It is matte without being cakey, light-weight without being translucent which is perfect for my oily, acne prone skin. It hides blemishes, smoothens the face and it even has SPF! It really is all in one. I use it to set my foundation, concealer under my brows, my eyes, under eye, lip area. Its perfect for days you don’t need heavy makeup but still need a nice powder for overall finish.
  11. imageSleek blush by 3 in Pumpkin: When most people hear the word “blush” they imagine heavy make up and heavily colored cheeks. This isn’t always the case. Those who know the power of a good blush can take over the world. A blush can do the work of a highlight, contour and cheek colour at the same time, you just gotta know how to apply it. Even on days I’m not even wearing foundation, contouring or highlighting, blush is a constant and my Sleek Blush by 3 is just perfect to carry around (again sleek wins for packaging). The colours are rich and pigmented and include shimmery, satin and matte colors suitable for all looks.
  12. imageMilani Compact Mineral Powder in Warm: I take this everywhere! This is the boss of all my makeup products as I have it with me 24/7. It is the perfect mineral powder to use over all your makeup. On a regular day I just do my makeup and take my Milani powder, the lipstick I used and a powder brush with me that’s all. I don’t know what I ‘d do without it. It’s not cakey and I use it for my clients too. I end up breaking it eventually from too much carrying around so Milani can like to work on their packaging.

That, guys, brings us to the end of the list. These products totally rock and you should try them out. Those of you who use any of these already can share your testimony and other products that are in your holy grail list. Hope you enjoyed reading this post, till next time, stay blessed.

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.

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    1. I buy from Jumia or Mama Tega shop dear. Maybelline is awesome and you hardly see the fake unlike Milani. Thanks for the feedback love

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