Product Review: Murad Acne Line

Hello dear readers. Today I’m going to be reviewing a particular product line which I tried sometime ago and I still use.

Murad is a well known brand in the skincare industry for their pricey yet effective product range. I got to invest in the line when I begun battling cystic acne. It is owned by Dr Howard Murad, a clinical pharmacist and dermatologist.  They have a wide array of products for different skin types to target different problems. They can all be identified by the different colour caliberations.Murad acne line

They have an official distribitor in Nigeria, The Montaigne place. I walked into one of their outlets and I was directed to use the blue product line which has the products targeted at acne and blemishes. I started with one and got to use a few out of the range. There’s a whole lot more in the range but I’m going to be talking about just the four products I have used

1. Murad clarifying cleanser

2. Murad oil matiffier spf 15

3. Murad Clarifying Toner

4. Murad Post Acne spot lightening gel.


1. Murad Clarifying CleanserMurad clarifying cleanser

This was the first product I tried in the range.  It’s active ingredient is encapsulated salicylic acid 1.5%. It also contains green tea which is a powerful antioxidant. I began to break out all over my forehead and face sometimes last year so I was looking for a solution. The reason I got this was that I believed since it was a high end product,  and it’s pretty much one of the cheapest in the range, I could test run with it and see if it helps me reduce the breakouts.

Consistency and Formula.

This is a gel cleanser, transparent with a strong medicine like smell that was supposed to impress you like you were using some no nonsense well formulated product. It left a squeaky clean feeling after washing the face and even tingled a bit especially on my inflamed face. I used it morning at first then twice a day.


Sadly this was just another salicylic acid bullshit cleanser if you ask me. I could have as well bought a cheap neutrogena cleanser and gotten the same result . It did nothing to stop my breakouts from progressing to a cystic stage. Though I must admit, it did kill pimples. Looking back I know that most of these face washes with acids are a waste of time for fighting acne. This product actually claimsto come with a technology that allows the ingredients to stay on for hours and is more like a cleanse and tone step all in one. Well sounds good but didn’t see much. It sure kept my skin clean and felt good to use. To be fair, trying it on a more balanced skin would help me judge better.


Murad Oil Mattifier spf 15 PA+++Murad Oil Mattifier

This has to be my favorite of the range. I got it while I was on retinoids and my skin was highly sensitive. Everything I had tried to use up until then only wreaked further havoc on my face. This came in as a breath of fresh air at the time. It’s active ingredient is Zinc Oxide and other physical sun blockers. It also contains willow bark extract, argan extract and tea tree oil and it claims to control oil for up to 8 hours .

Consistency and formula

It is odourless, light and feels matte once you’ve worked it into ur skin. It actually keeps the face matte and is an amazing primer for makeup. I eventually made this my permanent makeup primer. It is non-irritating,  gentle and does a good job at moisturizing .


I’m sure you’ve heard me mention this before in my Acne Army. This is one product that does exactly what it claims. It moisturizes, sun protects and prevents break outs/ blemishes. I actually saw improvement in my skin with frequent use. Will continue to repurchase.


Murad clarifying TonerMurad clarifying toner

I began using this towards my post acne phase where I needed to get clear skin and fight pimples that attack from time to time.

Consistency and Formula

It is an astrigent, clear liquid with a strong smell. It contains denatured alcohol which i didn’t really fancy, witch hazel and grapeseed extract.


It’s rather drying but helps to thoroughly clean the skin. I was using it along with more stripping cleansing agents like black soap, microbeaded gel cleanser which just ended up making my skin produce more oil. I had to stop using it twice a day and did only once or even skip a day. All in all it just seemed too strong and I didn’t bother repurchasing cuz it was just kinda confusing. What I love about it though is that it thoroughly cleanss the skin and keeps it free of impurities so that worked.

I would only advice less frequent use especially on irritated skin.


4. Murad Post acne spot lightening gelMurad post acne spot lighten gel

This is another fave. It is meant to target post acne scars and hyperpigmentation.  It’s active ingredient is hydroquinone 2%. It is a skin lightening agent. It also contains glycolic acid and willow bark extract which makes it a perfect cocktail. It exfoliates (glycolic),  treats (willow bark fight blemishes) and lightens spots (hydroquinone).


It has a gel like sticky consistency that u gotta work into your skin with extra work to let it sink in. It has this almost alcohol like smell and it’s like a cross between sticky gel and astrigent. The way it melts into the skin. Always feels cool and refreshing but still sticky .



Murad post acne spot lightening gel review
Within a space of less than 3months use of Murad post acne spot lightening gel

This gave tremendous results.  It cleared my acne pigmentation with finesse. I paired it with  The ordinary alpha arbutin serum  and kept using it alone even after the arbutin finished.  What I noticed though was how the skin could get so dependent on the hydroquinone that some spots could return if you don’t use it for a while. I had to train my skin by reducing use and taking breaks. Im still using it and it has been over 9 months now so it’s really worth the price as it really lasts. This gave the most groundbreaking results among all.


So that’s it guys. My review of the murad acne line. Some made it, while others,  not so much. I would say generally it is a great range to invest in, and they have other awesome treatments i didn’t get to try. They last really long and make you forget how much you spent on them. Lol. They are all well formulated and don’t irritate the skin.

This is an advantage of most high end brands unlike many drugstore products mainly focused on quick sales and results that put your skin at risk.

Anyway guys. Hope u enjoyed the post. Kindly share and comment.


You know I’m awesome, xoxo



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