Product Review- Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System

Hey guys, today I’m going to be telling you guys about the amazing product that took away my acne. That is, the Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System (NCATS). Around early April I literally got struck with some weird spots on my face. I even had facials done in late march and about two weeks later my face was even worse than before. imageI had been using a lightening oil based face cream which was a NO for my oily skin. I wasn’t using any sun screen and the weather was super sunny at the time. I found myself having a sunburnt, acne covered face that left me wondering who I offended. I tried spots clearing creams, pills, antibiotics but I still couldn’t do away with them. At the time I was even using this really effective soap for acne prone skin also from Neutrogena which helped stop break outs so I wasn’t even breaking out or having pimples. The spots just came from nowhere like a reaction. Till today, I still cant put a finger to what caused it. I do know I started seeing changes once I stopped the oil based cream and around early May, I purchased Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion by Neutrogena and this made a lot of difference but I was still sunburnt and battling spots. imageI knew it was time to change my skin care routine so I started surfing online stores for skin care products. I finally saw NCATS on Konga and I was like, “This is it”! I did some research on it and something just connected me to it and I decided to buy it, I also ordered Cookie Skin dermal Repair Sunscreen for added sun protection for my face and body.

The first thing I did after I made the order was to go and get facials done. This made me realize the importance of facials because it made all the difference in the effectiveness  of the product. About two days after my facials, I began to use the kit.

After facials
After facials



NCATS came is a huge pack containing three tubes- A big one and two small ones. The biggest one is the Skin Polishing Acne Cleanser which is a Salicylic Acid Acne treatment. For the smaller ones, the first contains Acne Control Lotion and the other contains an Oil-free Moisturizing Lotion with SPF.

Product Details:

On the Neutrogena site, the three products are divided into steps. This provided a guide on how to use them but after research I eventually came up with an alternative usage routine which was safer, more realistic and worked well for me.JJ-931_1z

Step one :Skin Polishing Acne Cleanser contains Salicylic Acid acne medicine and micro-fine beads designed to unclog pores as well as to treat and help prevent pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. This has a rather weird smell and feels harsh on the skin at first. you can feel the micro beads as you go over your face with and Lord does it cleanse the skin or what? it is a really good cleanser and I take it with me everywhere.

Application:  I used it both in the morning and night at first then after a week, I started using it only at night and use my go to facial cleanser from Clean and Clear in the mornings.

Step two: Acne Control Lotion contains Benzoyl Peroxide acne medicine, which kills acne-causing bacteria, treats inflamed breakouts and helps prevent future acne. Benzoyl peroxide is packed with benefits for acne prone skin as it reduces oil production, and it literally kills any bacteria that causes pimples on application.  This baby is the real magic in the whole kit. I used this every night and I watched it take away all my skin problems.

Application: as opposed to the directive on the pack which names this step two to be used both morning and night, I leave this step out in the daytime and use only at night. I used this every night until recently infact it is the first to finish among the three steps. The benzoyl Peroxide could be harsh on the skin and when used in conjunction with the acne cleanser, it could cause skin damage on sun exposure so this treatment in my opinion is best used at night.

Step three: Oil-Free SPF 15 Lotion is a unique combination of SPF 15 and DermaNaturals®, an exclusive botanical complex. It protects acne-prone skin from damaging UV rays, while calming and promoting the return of clear, healthy-looking skin. This literally cured my sunburn and left me with clear skin. This is my everyday moisturizer, its oil free, doesn’t clog pores and smells like heaven.

Application: I use it everyday during the day alone or underneath my makeup. You can reapply every two hours if you would be exposed to the sun through out.


About four days into use
About four days into use

It was said on the Neutrogena site that you start seeing effects within four days this was so true. The marks were faded. It was unbelievable.  I used some bentonite clay mask also which helped and I was really impressed. Within two weeks the marks have faded and by Mid-June,I finally didn’t need to use any concealer to cover my spots before I did my normal makeup! I was free!

Clear skin, zero sunburn
Clear skin, zero sunburn


Results and Long term use

I still use the kit up until today so I think it lasts pretty well as I’ve had it for over two months . I actually went for my next facials last month and the beautician who does my facials couldn’t believe his eyes. When it was time to extract, he was like I literally have no acne. I was healed! Declared acne free!

This is all thanks to my NCATS. I don’t use it often like before but whenever I notice a breakout or spot I apply the Acne control Lotion overnight and wash my face with the cleanser and its gone by the next day. I would definitely be restocking on this product and keep it for whenever I have acne trouble. NCATS to the rescue!

A few days after my last facial
A few days after my last facial

The long term effect however isn’t so impressive and don’t expect not to have a reoccurrence of acne breakouts after using this for a while. I began to break out early July just before my last facial and I’m still battling breakouts till now. But the scars are not as bad as they were before I started using this product so it really helps. Apart from using the products you need to adopt personal strict skin care such as deep cleansing, makeup brush hygiene, taking off makeup every night, use of face masks, monthly facials and so on. The skin could get accustomed to the product over time and if you don’t practice good skin care routine or maintain a good diet, you might find yourself back to square one so don’t put so much trust in one product. I would tag this product a quick fix.

Price: It retails for N6000-N8000 depending on the vendor. I got mine on Konga for N6000 though it is now 7500 when I checked this week.

Recommendation: I strongly recommend this therapy system for those with acne prone oily skin like myself who have been looking for the perfect solution for acne issues. I wouldn’t recommend this if your skin is overly sensitive. Sun protection is very important while using this product so you can go ahead and pair it with an even broader spectrum sunscreen to prevent any form of sun damage. As earlier mentioned, I paired mine with Cookie Skin Dermal Repair which I might be reviewing soon. I also used the blackhead eliminating cleansing lotion alongside this product and the results were just amazing.

Photo taken about three weeks apart
Photos taken about two months apart

There you have it, that’s my product review. Have you used it before? Share with us in the comment secion. further questions, contributions and so on are welcome. Don’t forget to subscribe! [sbscrbr_form]

You know I’m awesome, xoxo

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