The Makeup Gospel According to Ricci

Hello dear readers, today I’m going to be talking about makeup. This is something I’m very passionate about and one of the reasons I opened this blog was to share my love for it with everyone apart from the fact that of course, it was highly requested. I’m more than glad to be sharing my favorite looks, reviewing my favorite products and giving tutorials on how to achieve the perfect makeup. I am still striving to achieve perfection also and this would be a journey for both me and my readers. Before we go down that wonderful journey I thought a befitting insight into my views on makeup is appropriate.

We live in a time where makeup has evolved, there are so many things makeup can do and undo. Most girls are makeup savvy and so much research on makeup over the years has made it easier to know the perfect look for every individual and the major keys to bring the best out of every look. Through the internet, we are all able to tap into that knowledge and slay that face already because ain’t nobody got time to look dusty and life is to short to spend it having bad makeup on 24/7. With all of this being said there are still a lot of people who don’t know the first thing about make up either because they feel its time consuming, its just a trend they can join in without having to know much, they think makeup is for insecure people and there is more to them than what they apply on their face (but still manage to apply it horribly) or maybe they just cant get a hang of it no matter how many times they try because of limited information. Now, if you are reading this and asking yourself “is it that deep”? maybe this post isn’t for you, infact maybe this blog isn’t for you (lol *jokes*). If, on the other hand, you are all about strutting and slaying then come on with me and lets make this happen! Your life may not be perfect, but dear, your make up can be.


To the best of my knowledge, most of the problems girls have with makeup arise from certain myths that we have grown up with over the years and some new ones that came with this new age of makeup. If we hold on to these myths, we wont ever know why we can’t look our best so far makeup is concerned. I’m gonna be addressing them today and also giving basics that you have to key into before you can even dream of a perfect makeup.


  1. Makeup is Cheap: N to the NO!! I’m not gonna lie to you, if you wanna go around buying 50naira pencils and N200 lipsticks and N500 brush sets, and think you gonna look like Amrezy one day. It ain’t gonna happen. I’m not team “Mac girl”, I don’t possess any Nars products nor do I use Tom Ford or Giorgio Armani foundations. I do know, however,  that there is a line. I’ve had the opportunity to relate with different women here in Nigeria about makeup and I noticed those who have issues in achieving a neat, sophisticated looks are those mortified by the amount people spend on makeup. They believe only makeup artists should bother with certain “expenses” that when you even analyse, are not so expensive. I keep telling people, makeup is only expensive when you wanna buy it once you’ve copped that product, the rest is history. I’m here to show you how you can makeup on a budget without crossing the line and being a total cheapo.
  2. Makeup is a Disguise:445974ae52d7c66729078a66eb0cd659 Maybe if you are into FX or work in Hollywood maybe, but for the everyday woman, makeup is simply an adjunct. Makeup to me is a weapon you use to accentuate your God given beauty and not hide it and transform into a totally different person. You can hide your flaws and reinforce strong points on your face. Your almond shaped eyes shouldn’t become a mango, your lips shouldn’t go from Cameron Diaz to JayZ, your eyebrows shouldn’t look like you’re trying to solve a math equation when God put hair and made it in a certain shape that befits your face and bone structure. The minute you are not looking like yourself or you are not looking good, you have defeated the whole point of makeup!
  3. Heavy makeup is pretty makeup: Ma’am, have you heard the statement called “Less is more”? that’s right, I want you to apply that line when you are applying makeup. forget what those youtubers and tumblr kids are telling you, “The thicker your eyebrows the younger you look”, “Team lightbulb”, “makeup is self expression”. Woman, I’m living in the real world here, they are lying to you. While makeup is art and isn’t always about being pretty, you cant also be explaining that to everyone or carrying a canvas around town calling it your face. Its either you know how to make up or you don’t. Those who are interested in looking their best, stick with me. The fact that you want the makeup to be on point for that special occasion doesn’t call for you to look like a masquerade and makeup artists, please, stop disgracing us and turning brides to bridezillas! Epp!Girls-Makeup-Products
  4. Only High-End Products can Achieve a Perfect Makeup: WRONG! This seems a little contradictory because the number one myth I debunked was that makeup was cheap. While that myth is a problem on its own, the thought of these high end product most makeup artistes and youtubers talk about discourage ladies from even trying. They feel they cant afford expensive make so they can’t look good. That is so wrong. You can look way better than a girl that is sporting only department store and designer makeup with your drug store or alixpress make up. The biggest losers if you ask me are those who buy expensive products they don’t need just to join the band wagon and still end up looking like a drag queen. Don’t let the big brands make you feel you can’t look good too. It is a myth!heavy makeup look
  5. Makeup is something that can be rushed: Admist all we have talked about, I think this is about the saddest of all myths. If we do a survey on why many females are getting their make up all wrong, it would be shocking as to how many of them are lacking just because they can’t calm their nerves and just take their time on their face. I love to see makeup as a quite time for worship. Do you know you can worship God and meditate whilst beating that face? Just taking that time to carve those eyebrows, draw on that perfect winged liner, blending each step of application methodically appreciating God’s creation on your face, that skin, those cheekbones, those luscious lips… and there you are appreciating God for those beautiful features and ensuring everyone sees the best of them. Even some makeup artists have that problem of not being patient and trying to do all at once. Makeup is like building a house, you can’t build the roof before foundation or start to plaster without laying each brick. Breathe in and out. When you are a beginner especially, you need time and its okay you just have to adjust your schedule by waking earlier or whatever it is you need to do. Makeuph

If you can work on these myths, trust me, you are on your way to makeup salvation. Most of you wouldn’t even want to admit there is anything wrong with your makeup, but those who are interested in looking their best should know the first step in getting better is admitting that there is something to be worked on in the first place. However, those things that you do need to embrace need to be clearly stated so you can have the best. I’m going to share with you some of the basics that you need in place to achieve that desired flawlessness.

  1. Work on your Skin- I cannot emphasize this enough, adopt a great skin care routine, find out what works for you. The better your skin looks the better your makeup would look. Most people however think they can get away with bad skin with makeup when its actually the opposite- you can’t get away with flawless makeup with bad skin. It just might worsen it if you aren’t careful and let’s not even begin to talk about the self-esteem issues that arise from over dependence on makeup. You could reach a point where you are not confident without make up. If you stay tuned I will be sharing several skin care tips in subsequent posts. yarisbeth-scarf-over-twa
  2. Invest in Good Brushes: It’s about that time ladies, to throw away those nameless brushes you bought at Yaba or from Iya Fawaz or Aunty Tunrayo. Please girls, it wouldn’t take anything from you to invest. Elf is there, Bobbi Brown is there, Bhcosmetics, you don’t even need to reach Real Techniques. Why doth thou playeth thyself. One single brush can change your makeup routine. I’d tell you a story, I struggled with eye shadow for months on end watched all the tutorials and wondered why my eye shadow didn’t end up looking the same with the ones on Youtube until one day I brought out N700 (pere) and invested in Eyeshadow Blending Brush from Elf and my eye shadow game never remained the same. I didn’t need to get a sigma brush or a Mac brush and as a professional now, that is still the blending brush I use.10Brushes
  3. Experiment: You would never know until you try. I rocked several horrible looks until I found out what works for me. There isn’t a lipstick color I haven’t tried, eyeliner type, contour routine and so on. Many girls for the fear of being trolled don’t bother trying anything hard and just sit in their comfort zone looking basic. Sis, this is a no basic zone, you need to be bold and confident. What shall it profit you to troll me cuz of my makeup and start begging me for makeup tips after? Who really is the joker in the end? When you find that look that works best for you, it becomes a weapon.maquillaje-ojos-sombra-lila-claro-pieles-oscuras-raza-negra
  4.  Your Concealer is your Best Friend: When most people hear the word concealer, their mind immediately goes to covering spots. I can tell you most of what I do with concealers have nothing to do with spots or blemished skin. While that is the major purpose of concealer, you would be amazed at what a dash of under eye concealer can do to your makeup routine. Try investing in a good one if you don’t have one. A water based concealer like La girl Pro Concealer is great for all skin types. I would be sharing concealer hacks soon.
  5. Please! Please and Please! Get a Beauty Blender: the_original_single   No I’m not talking about flawless blender, or those 800naira or 1200naira sponges you call beauty blenders. I’m talking about the original beauty blender which retails for about N5000-N7000 depending on where you’re buying from. Stop playing yourselves sweeties, the price you are wailing about won’t be of importance when you see the benefits of having one. If you don’t have one yet, then you are not ready. In the very least, the real techniques miracle sponge (retails from N2800 to N3500) is a few bucks off and same result. Can we all be flawless please? Yes? Thank you.

Okay guys, that’s a wrap for today’s post, I know its kinda long but I’m sure those who know enjoyed it. Apply these tips and trust me you are good to go. Have a lovely week!!

You know I’m awesome, xoxo.

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  1. I know buying good make up is good. But you know not everyone has that luxury of buying make up. One thing I’ll say is know how to use what you have. I used to Slay with my beyond beauty matte lipstick ( 400Naira) before I could happily afford expensive ones. And you have to improvise. The other day I used Johnson baby powder to bake my face and it slayed. Lol still buy good products of you can afford oh, nothing beats that.

    1. You are right dear. But then again, there’s slaying and there’s SLAYING. It all depends on the look you are going for. A choice really.

  2. All I have been saying!!! U can’t slay like Jackie Aina if you’re using 500 naira beauty blender and be berating me for spending so much money on my own makeup. Secondly, know where to splurge! If you have oily skin with large pores then INVEST in a good pore filling oil controlling primer ,no matter how expensive. Honey you can’t afford to buy the same primer someone with dry skin and no skin texture issues would buy because it’s cheaper. Nope! Except u wanna be oil slick in a few minutes…then…well…please….carry on.

    1. You feel me love, its all about making up your mind. Decide if looking good is worth the investment because to me, its everything.

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